At the Eve of the End of the World

Well, I must say that the eve to the end of the world, at least in my part of the world, was not only anticlimactic, but with all the snow- it was actually quite comforting and incredibly beautiful. It is funny how life plays tricks with us in such ways. The snow was, in a way, trying to assure everyone that it was a joyous time and a time to rejoice- no matter how dark and dreary we have been told the days ahead are. For just this small moment in time, it reminded me that I must consciously see the beauty around me, and there is plenty of it. Yet I know that the road ahead is dark- and full of pitfalls.

It has never been 2012 that I was concerned with, as I have looked upon it as media hype, but rather the days ahead are the concern for me. When it finally dawns on the people that Jesus does not have a standing appointment to come save us, and that the world is not going to end, and that we are responsible for what we are going through, those are the days that I am worried about. You see, there is this thing called “Millennial Hysteria” that has been parlayed by this whole Mayan calendar hype- but eventually, considering history always repeats itself, this hysteria is going to play itself out in our society.

I read about millennial hysteria in a Scientific America magazine years ago, and it explained that when the world turned 1000, masses of people convinced themselves that the world was ending and converted to Christianity, which is when the religion really took over. Of course- it is also during the time of Europe’s Dark Ages- which could easily have been the catalyst for the hysteria, however- not much is different psychologically in comparison to hopelessness that existed back then.

It is amazing to me how many people think that we are in the last days- and I am often dishearten when I listen to the fatalistic way many people look at life with all of their hopes wrapped up in an event that may happen thousands of years ahead in time, or maybe never at all. It angers me when people, who are totally wrapped up in the crucifixion of Christ, forget that there is a responsibility to life that is not negated just because Christ supposedly died on the Cross. Very few people believe in the whole Mayan prophecy from my experience, but that does not mean that they don’t believe that we are in the last days. Why do I fret about this you may wonder? Because there is also this thing called “self-fulfilling prophecy” in which if we believe something strong enough, we will work in ways to try and manifest what we believe will happen. In other words, if we are all convinced that we are in the last days- then when is the world going to get off its ass and try to work and change that which we have wrought upon ourselves?

If we, as a society, don’t stand up for what is right, then the robber barons and war monger elite will continue to take more and more until there is nothing left. I, as a child, was taught that this time would be ripe for the takeover- and the despair that people would feel as they lost their hope was believed to be exquisitely palatable and incredibly malleable, as Satanists don’t believe in a Savior coming in to save the day either. 2012 has parlayed millennial hysteria for over a decade, but considering the plight that we all are dealing with- be it economic, domestic, or foreign- history WILL have its due, and none of us can escape that. How we respond to the upcoming crisis’s that are bound to happen- esp. considering the volatility of the weather patterns now a days, are not only what will define us as human beings, but it may end up that it will be our very existence on this planet that is eventually at stake. Cheerful Christmas news I know, but hey- isn’t this supposed to be the end of the world? Besides, this is only my opinion. Maybe the world will end tomorrow- who knows? Although I highly doubt it, in more ways than one.

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