With Great Anticipation… What Everyone Has Been Waiting For

the show Missing Johnny will air 12/23/12 10:00 pm

Since the “official” story is the one that most adhere too, I wanted to share the time of MSNBC’s show on Johnny Gosch so that everyone can watch it. i personally don’t believe the story- but regardless, I will be watching it as well.

As far as this website goes- I am not sure where I am going from here. In the years that I have been trying to expose what happened here in Omaha, I have basically accomplished very little, and so it is time for me to leave the perps and go live my life. It has been my lot to “entertain” folks with what I have had to say for quite some time- but now, I have grown weary of beating my head against the wall and now want to go out and just live my life. Since I will NEVER have any children, I don’t feel as if I should worry about other peoples kids futures. Esp. since most parents could really care less about anybodies kids but their own, at least judging by the ACTIONS of most, I feel as if I have done enough and now it is time to go and live MY life and stop worrying about things that most people could care less about. Abducted and trafficked children can remain fodders for gossip from now on- since no one feels any compunction to actually DO anything about it.

As a society- we can all lament about how scary and bad the world is, but since none of us feel compelled to do anything about it- I have grown to believe that society gets what it gets, and deserves everything it receives. I believe that things are only going to get worse- and the American public, although it will clamor for this and that- is so self serving that I don’t believe anything will ever stop things from getting progressively worse. After all- NONE OF US ARE TO BLAME FOR THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. No, responsibility for that lies somewhere else and with someone else and certainly not with us as individuals. We are all just victims to the system- and since there is absolutely nothing that can be done from the comfort of our own couches, what can we do but just suffer with it and wait for the Savior to break from the fifth dimension and save us from the world in which we all helped to create.

I know this is critical, and probably will piss more than one person off- but then, it isn’t my job to make the masses happy. That is a job for Kim Kardashian and all the other train wrecks on television. However, I do not feel as if I want to “entertain” people with stories of dead and trafficked kids any longer- and since NOTHING has come about it- that is exactly what I feel I have been doing. I am not Jesus Christ- and have no intention of sacrificing myself to the masses who simply want to be pacified and entertained so that they don’t have to think about the world that is falling apart around them.

I’m sure that God- if God exists, and I have my doubts- is very proud of each and every one of us.

You know what amazes me? Paul Bonnaci is a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE and still people clamor to hear what he says in relation to all of this. How can I fight against that? He obviously knows more about Franklin- since he was busy having sex with kids at the time. How can I fight against that? People respect pedophiles- obviously. They know more than others about the abuse that happened here. So go for it- but don’t cry when there is NEVER ANY RESOLUTION TO THIS MESS.

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