I Am Not Fighting With You Dougy Mesner aka Satanist Luciean Greaves of the Ridiculous Satanic Temple

I was neither in Omaha during the court period for Mark Anderson- nor do I know the specifics of his case.  What I knew was as an adult, and the boys that I knew along involved in the court case were WELL INTO THEIR TEENS.

I have made it quite clear I have no idea the guilt or innocence of Mark Anderson.  I just know that the boys involved were willing participants in the sex trade and that no one coerced them into it.  They, like so many of us= acted alone and on their own volition.

I am sick to death of fighting with a satanist who parades his genitals on tv and does such outrageous crap that he is to not be respected.  Acting like you are some sort of child advocate is SICKENING.  You only love yourself- as is shown through your many exploits with the media, and I do not have time to fool with you.

The conference in Seattle is going on in October- and though I am not directly involved with any of the planning or setting up- I will enjoy attending and watching for you so that I can throw your satanic butt out into the street when you try to get in- as you have with so many other conferences that have denied you access.  I have too much on my plate right now to worry about what your dumb ass is doing and talking about.

My sister does not pull my strings- and the only reason you have seen fit to attack her is that she VALIDATES my experiences- and thus you desperately need to attack her as well.  You attack ALL SURVIVORS OF ABUSE- and now are trying to crusade like you are some advocate.

So tell us Doug- how does all of this satanic crap benefit children?  You run your mouth- and talk out your ass- but really- doing some homosexual satanic ritual on the grave connected to the Westboro minister- complete with exposing your genitals- HOW DOES THIS BENEFIT SURVIVORS OF ABUSE?  You want to attack me- but really-have you looked at yourself lately?  You are a little boy trying to make a name for himself- and you will exploit whatever and use whoever you need to do that.  You are for DOUG MESNER and no one else.  Say what you want- but that is about how everyone sees it.

I don’t care if Mark Anderson molested a million boys- it doesn’t change the facts of MY PERSONAL ABUSE- nor does it change the facts about Omaha.  You grab onto anything you can little one- but it doesn’t make a difference.  I PERSONALLY HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG- and I am not going to constantly defend myself from the like of you.

I just don’t have the time nor the inclination.

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