Another Post By Doug Mesner- and Yet Another Retort

Man I get tired of this man-boy’s lies. However- this is all from someone who is the False Memory Foundation’s spokesperson- which includes people like Debbie Nathan- who says that our nation is too “hysterical” when it comes to sex with minors, and Elizabeth Loftus- who was run out of Seattle after she lost a legal battle there. Even now- parents who came forward about abuse are labeled by Allen Frances in his recent Huffington Post article as “mentally unbalanced parents harboring weird imaginings or an ax to grind, or both”. Dismissing a myriad of abuse claims against children- Mesner presents himself as a satanic child crusader who, in my opinion, is just angry because I have fought back against his attacks against survivors. After reading his blog and all the ugly posts about EVERY ONE WHO COMES FORWARD FOR SURVIVORS, I realized that I am actually in good company as one of those he likes to attack (like it is my fault that he has a RECENT HISTORY of flaunting himself in front of national media- pulling his genitals out in front of the cameras).

I never once said in my last blog entry that I didn’t participate in cannabalism. Anyone who reads my book- which Mesner actually lied about NOT reading since he has been able to pick and chose what he quotes from it, can see that I have indeed participated in such activity. However- in his recent article about me- it was suggested that my father was only abducting children to eat them. “They ate them all”, is I believe what he said- once again going over the deep end and trying to radically suggest that my father abducting children just to eat them. Cannibalism was practiced in the CULT- AFTER they were sacrificed. Obviously my father didn’t abduct children to eat- but rather to rape and probably kill. Mesner however likes to insinuate ridiculous theories and then attributes them to others. His blog is RIPE with this type of psych op behavior- so that he can incriminate others by his way of thinking.

The boys in question that Mark Anderson was supposed to have molested WERE NOT 11 and 12 years old. They were well into their teens- and no one was forcing them into prostitution, as they were willing participants who acted on their own volition. If Mesner had proof that these boys were children- he would have posted the damning info in his blog- but since it is not there- one only has to conclude that he is lying. Mesner- not being there- has no clue as to what happened and who was involved- and yet will go on and on like he is somehow in the know about it all. You can see plainly by his other blog entries dealing with survivors and their advocates that this is not uncommon- and he makes a habit out of thinking that he knows more than everyone else.

If he is so concerned about pornography- he should watch what he does in the public media and the pictures that he posts on his Satanic Temple website- which have now, thankfully- been removed. Most people were more concerned about the snuff films that were being filmed in the basement of the Hollywood Bar- but then- Mesner doesn’t bring any of this up. Walt- NOT MARK- was deemed the “Pied Piper of Pornography” even though he lived in the basement of his aged parents over by Crossroads mall, and the fact that he alone was charged and not his parents- even though he lived in their house- shows how biased this court process was. Of course- Alecia Owen- the child who was pregnant with then Omaha police chief Robert Wadman’s baby goes completely unnoticed by Mesner- who has come forward to me telling me that they themselves were liars. Mesner has a habit of picking and choosing what he wants to present- and who he advocates for.

I said in my last article that I don’t know if Mark and Walt were guilty or not of having sex with minors- only that they were used as scapegoats to get attention off the group of elite who WERE INDEED GUILTY- such as Larry King, Alan Baer, Harold Anderson, etc. Mesner will distort the facts any way he can in order to present himself as something other than he is- that being an exhibitionist who will do anything he can to garner media attention.

There is something seriously wrong with Doug Mesner/Lucian Greaves mentally- and I don’t find him to be a stable individual at all. He certainly is NOT an advocate for victims. You don’t have to take my word for it- as, even though Mesner and his group of Pedophile Protectors have extolled the opinion that anyone who has come forward talking about events in Omaha are all mental- you only have to read Nick Bryant’s book “The Franklin Scandal” or watch the British documentary “A Conspiracy of Silence” to see that major crimes took place here in Omaha- and that they were heavily guarded and covered up in order to keep people from going to jail. Mesner/Greaves is just another part of this process- as he will lie at will and exaggerate anything about anyone he can in order to keep survivors from being heard.

I am not going to play this volley of insults and innuendos that Mesner wants to participate in. He is not of sound mind (plainly shown by his recent actions with the media), and he has NO INTEREST in the truth- as he distorts whatever he can to get his childish point across. The only thing I CAN say about his recent rant is that he didn’t swear throughout it this time, showing that even the most dense of the population can learn about social morays.

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