You Know You Are Doing Something Right… When Doug Mesner Writes a WHOLE ARTICLE About You on His Website

When articles such as this are presented, I have to post it- I found it so funny.

I must be getting under the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad’s skin- they gave me a WHOLE ARTICLE dedicated to me…

Of course an anon supposedly wrote this- but whatever- it is worth sharing- it is such a pathetic character assassination.

Of course- I know this to be Doug Mesner/Misicko’s website- you know- Luciean Greaves- The Leader of some stupid Satanic cult. He is just mad cause I keep posting this pic from the Huffington Post. (and the Doug that commented on the article- SAME DUDE). And he says I have issues. LMFAO




Oh- and the reason why this link was removed…

was because this woman…

kara- whatever

who showed up at my house and parked the RV that she lives in out front- got caught secretly taping everything that was going on in my house. I have a blog entry explaining this situation- but I feel that this is just ANOTHER dishonest attack from a boy who can’t keep his junk in his pants.

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