New False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad Article on Huffington Post

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David Shurter (DavidShurter)

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Everyone responds to trauma- esp. severe trauma, differently. Going through what we did as children- my older sis ended up being DID while I have complex PTSD. Breaking apart from yourself when you are being tortured is a necessity in order to survive the abuse- and each individual responds to their particular abuse in different ways- but dissociation, in my experience- is ALWAYS a part of it. The backlash that has always denied the abuse that I experienced is sometimes more difficult than the abuse itself- realizing that people are accustomed to discrediting my history- probably because it makes them uncomfortable. However, it makes reporting such abuse even harder- and pretty much impossible as a child. To be honest- when my older sister came forth and started talking about our past- I was her enemy number one- basically because I was humiliated and wanted to keep things secret. But then I began to realize the validity of the fact that what we experienced was not our fault- and that what we went through was not only possible- but probable given our pasts. I spent much of my childhood denying the abuse- telling myself that I was crazy to believe what I remembered- but now have come to the realization that in order to help people, I must stand strong and stand up and talk about what happened. This has been the most healing thing I have ever done for myself!!

and for those of you who wish to know more about the REAL issues of DID… check out this article…

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