Attacks Against Me on Huffington Post- and People Think I am Not Being Targeted

I am truly important to these people- even though they claim I am crazy- and one needs to ask themselves WHY?

Felicity (Felicity_Lee

The article you reference here is one bashing another person and written by the founder of the Temple of Satan – Luciean Greaves/Doug Mesner. This comment is libelous and angry – thrashing out at people. It has nothing to do with the discussion at hand – just my opinion.

Justin Sanity (robert_dobbson)

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The expose of David Shurter’s lies about his childhood & family history, his false claims about being forced to murder and eat people, his fantasies about growing up in a satanic cult and being trained to become “The Antichrist” by Michael Aquino, was NOT written by Doug Mesner or any member of the Temple of Satan – not that it would matter if it had been.

Of course, all claims of abusive mistreatment reported by a child need to be thoroughly investigated. The lesson we need to learn not to repeat is the failure to thoroughly investigate and either validate or disprove, adult person’s claims to being a survivor of child abuse conspiracies and to possessing expertise about child abuse conspiracies derived from their experience, but nevertheless allowing them to advise and direct child abuse investigations.
1 Feb 2:28 PM

David Shurter (DavidShurter)

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lol- this article has nothing to do with me- and yet you and your group does everything they can to diss me whenever you can- probably because no one checks out your site. The article is written in the same style as Doug- and anyone who goes to can see the true character of this individual. I actually find it humorous that you guys are desperate to quell the respect I have in the survivor community- and not one of you knows what I went through- or any part of my family history. This is just another example of the backlash that you suggests doesn’t exist, and it shows people just what happens to survivors when they come forward and tell the truth of what happened to them. Of course- I am being supposedly controlled by my sister right now- but the whole article- with its foul language- shows exactly what you guys are capable of and how low you will stoop to try and influence public opinion through lies and judgements. At least I am not exposing myself for the public on national media.
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