Yeah- Dylan Farrow Looks Happy


Great comments on the Woody Allen thing….
I’ve already started seeing the skepticism erupt. Few fans want to believe (and be reminded) that he’s such a disturbed creep. And I can appreciate the point some might make that perhaps Dylan has an axe to grind or maybe has been brainwashed to believe what she believes about her childhood. But when I read her essay all I can feel is the rage of somebody who has experienced and worked to heal from something horrifying. Her rage is no longer like flames or even hot coals, but rather embers that are beyond re-ignition… it’s in her tone. She’s not telling this story to shame Woody Allen, she’s telling it to continue her process of healing. Still, I’ll offer that my observation is entirely subjective. We’ll never know the truth.

But then let’s look at Mia Farrow… the mother, the ex-wife. Sure, vindictive women make up stories about their wealthy, powerful husbands all the time in order to extort more support in the divorce deal. But in this case, I think it’s important to dig a little deeper. Outside of empty revenge and financial support, there was absolutely no benefit for Mia to engage in the ugly court battle that ensued. I’m sure every agent, lawyer and friend in her life told her to avoid that (especially if they held a financial interest in her maintaining her successful career). It would surely ruin her career. Who wants to invite the bitter ex-wife of Woody Allen to their dinner party, the one who accused him of sexually abusing his children? That’s a drab, awkward subject… and in Hollywood, most business takes place during dinner parties. I’m sure she wanted her career to keep going. She’s no Betty Crocker. And she did still have a career after that, but nothing like before… To many, she’ll always be known as the bitter ex-wife of Woody Allen. But when I hear her speak of that time in her life, I hear a tone of a woman who means business… a woman who only wanted to protect her children from a man she thought she knew better… A woman fraught with guilt that she didn’t protect her children sooner. Sure… a person can convince themselves that anything is true…. but at what cost? But again… subjective observations of a person I don’t know.

So then let’s look directly at Woody Allen… the other parent. After being dragged through the mud in ugly public court battles, being accused a child molester… what does he do? Does he take up with one of the beautiful actresses in one of his movies? No… he begins a publicly intimate relationship with his barely-adult adopted daughter, Soon Yi. That alone shows us that he possesses a disturbing interpretation of the father-daughter boundaries of intimacy. But more importantly, we must remember the pathology behind somebody who abuses, assaults and rapes: POWER. Abuse, assault, rape… These crimes are always committed by somebody seeking POWER. It is NEVER just some twisted sense of intimacy or affection. And here you have a man allowed the serial opportunity to work out his personal neuroses on film, for all the world to see, with Hollywood’s most beautiful and talented women right next to him on screen. You’d think being one of the world’s most successful, renowned filmmakers and cultural icons would provide a man a satisfying level of power. But, no. When Woody Allen is accused of being a child molester, he publicly parades his power by marrying his adult daughter. He’s clearly saying to his victims (and I’m sure there are others besides Dylan)… “See what I can do? I can abuse you, I can assault you, I can degrade you, and you can accuse me in front of the eyes of the law and for the entire world to see, and I will still get away with it. I am POWERFUL. I will always be more powerful than you.”

I believe she’s just trying to take some of that power back. Yesterday 10:01pm

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