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So Did Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Pay Taxes on Their Campaign to Build Their Devil Statue?

Satanist Doug Mesner/ Lucien Greaves has stated that they did a crowd funding campaign to raise the 100,000 dollars to build their devil statue and so my question is- did he and his little Satanic church, that he has stated ISN’T tax free- pay taxes on all that free money? That is my question for […]

But A Large, Organized, and Well-Funded Pedophile Trafficking Ring Doesn’t Exist…

After Receiving an Email from Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves- This Was Posted Immediately After My Last Email Exchange

doug mm 3:29 PM (1 hour ago) to joshua, me No, David. You must revise the posts in which these claims are made so that they do not make these claims any more. Let us know when you’ve completed this simple task. ______________________________________ 3:49 PM (53 minutes ago) to doug I guess i ahould […]

The Question if Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Is Watching My Blog Is Now Answered

Apparently I was wrong when I said that the Satanic Temple is tax exempt- and would like to apologize. I just received this email from him an hour ago- and was amused that this guy can say all the libelous crap he does about me online- but whines like a bitch if I say anything […]

The Ongoing Drama Playing Out on YouTube to Discredit Me

Keep checking this post- cause the conversation is surprise surprise- still ONGOING today….

The Opposition is so Obsessed with Me and With What I Am Doing that They Have Made Two Videos of Me Just This Last Week Alone

I guess some guy who calls himself Vileance on YouTube has become so obsessed with me as of late that he has sat down and spent the time making two videos of me trying to trash me. Funny- I have never done this before- and don’t know anyone who has- but according to him and […]

Australia’s SECOND Royal Commission Regarding Extreme Child Abuse Issues Involved- Once Again- In a Cover-Up- Just like the First Time

This morning I went to the Australian Royal Commission’s Facebook page and posted this on five of their articles: “ Justice James Wood in Australia presided over the Royal Commission into his own VIP pedophile network. How is Australia ANY different than the US or the UK – who are ALSO having to deal with […]

New Conversations on YouTube 1/12/2016

I am posting the conversation by hand as well as putting screen shots of it on this post- since some have told me that the screen shots aren’t coming up when they click them. They work fine for me- but games are afoot- and so they aren’t working for everyone and I felt this conversation […]

Today’s Conversation 1/11/2016 with Government Paid Trolls…

At least in America- all of us are aware that the government is paying people to troll whoever online. I think the conversation you are about to read is how the UK is doing it as well. Are these people government paid trolls? I can’t say for certain. But considering that the UK, the US, […]

Answering the Myriad of Attacks on Me and These Cases Revolving Around Child Abuse on YouTube

I woke again to ANOTHER “attack” on YouTube and wanted to take the time to show it and talk about it and I will show the comment in the end. I find it highly suspect that this Hoaxtead group (who stands in direct opposition to the Hampstead child abuse claims in the UK- thus the […]