The Question if Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Is Watching My Blog Is Now Answered

Apparently I was wrong when I said that the Satanic Temple is tax exempt- and would like to apologize. I just received this email from him an hour ago- and was amused that this guy can say all the libelous crap he does about me online- but whines like a bitch if I say anything wrong about him. So I am making this correction- the Satanic Temple I guess is NOT tax free. But if there is any question whether or not these attacks- all using Doug Mesner’s crap- are unknown to the satanist- I guess we all now know they aren’t. But at his request- I will state that according to Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves- according to what he said in an interview with Salon- the Satanic Temple is not tax free.

Here is his email….

doug mm

1:19 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
David, I’m giving you an opportunity to correct yourself online.
You state:

“He is running a tax free church- using the money to throw lavish parties and support his lifestyle while pushing every one he can to join so that he can bilk money out of them. He made so much from this that he was able to build an 8 foot statue of the devil- which, by the way, no one wants to display, which is why its whereabouts are presently unknown.”

The Satanic Temple (TST) is neither tax-exempt, nor do we charge for membership. Membership fees, being nonexistent, did not fund the monument. The monument was transparently crowd-funded. All of this is public information. In fact, you wrote about a Salon piece that covered TST on your blog where you also made the claim that we are defrauding people and that we are tax-exempt. If you had even read the Salon piece in question, you’d see that it’s stated RIGHT IN THAT VERY PIECE that we reject tax-exemption on principled grounds. You can go to The Satanic Temple’s website and see that there is no fee to join.

Correct your slanderous statements.
(oh, and Doug- I would think that you of all people- being as superior as you are- would know that, although I was wrong with what I said about your devil worshipping church-the word would be LIBELOUS- and not slanderous. Like what you have written about me in your various articles. lol- but I didn’t come crying to you like a little bitch)


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