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Alan Alanson Just Clued Me In that the Distinguishing Marks and Tattoos with Concern Regarding the Hampstead Child Abuse Case Aren’t Real

The cult was the one who introduced this case. They have been in control of it from the very beginning. Which is why they duped the 8 and 9 year old children. Because when push comes to shove and they get the authorities to check it out, when they discover these tattoos and markings are […]

Clinton and Donald Trump with Regards to Convicted Pedophile Billionaire Jeffery Epstein

Why Was BILL CLINTON At Child Molester`s Private Island 12 Times? Jeffery Epstein- convicted billionaire pedophile- is also DIRECTLY connected with Republican front runner Donald Trump- who has PUBLICLY come out in support of the convicted pedophile billionaire with saying that he is “a great guy” and throws “great parties”. Funny that we now are […]