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The Games Being Played Concerning the Hampstead Case- A Detailed Explanation

Look, this whole dog and pony show that is going on concerning the Hampstead case in the UK isn’t really all that hard to understand- and when you look at the history of all of this- you will begin to understand this is how the game has ALWAYS been played. Right now, the royal family […]

Just What is it About This “Dearman does Hampstead” Website

Different named trolls keep acusing me of being involved in this internet site called ” Dearman does Hampstead”, claiming in fact that I guess I am supposed to be running it. I probably should check it out but I can’t bring myself to go there. The name gives me this kind of the ” Debbie […]


(sorry about the spelling errors, which were pointed out by the Hampstead Supporters Spelling Mafia- I did this original post on my phone. Doesn’t change what I said though) It has been actually facinating- much like watching “reality” television, watching play their games trying to appear that they are trashing repeated ex felon Abe […]