The Games Being Played Concerning the Hampstead Case- A Detailed Explanation

Look, this whole dog and pony show that is going on concerning the Hampstead case in the UK isn’t really all that hard to understand- and when you look at the history of all of this- you will begin to understand this is how the game has ALWAYS been played.

Right now, the royal family is obviously shitting it’s pants considering all of the effort they are going to in trying to shield themselves from this whole elite pedophile child trafficking ring thing that is has come forward in the UK. The UK not only has 19 other cases that directly proceed the Hampstead case concerning two children who have come forward saying that they have been abused in unspeakable ways, but the case of Hollie Gregg as well, the little girl with down syndrome who also spoke of being horrifically abused and miraculously got an STD out of nowhere- along with this whole undisputed situation that top level leaders in the UK are guilty of covering it all up in the first place back in the 80’s, so to claim that there are no valid issues for concern is ridiculous. Also, while the UK was engaging in a cover up concerning child trafficking and abuse, at the exact same time the United States was dealing with 1000’s of exactly the same types of allegations here in the 80’s. This group that the royal family is involved with knows that there is going to be hell to pay when all of this comes out publically- and so they concocted a little plan to try and make this all go away.

They decided to take two REAL victims, the Hampstead children, and get their case out publically. Now understand- they have all been working really hard at trying to get this contained now for about a year to a year in a half- ever since the evidence coming out was making the shit hit the fan with regards to Jimmy Saville. So they send in a repeated ex-felon who is involved in a cannabis campaign and can be easily discredited in a myriad of ways, whenever the need arises. He goes in- films the children, who are HONESTLY speaking about REAL events that they have personally experienced, and then the rest of the group descends as the “good guys” and do all of this bizarre stuff- like releasing names and addresses of supposed cult members from the very start and trying to make it appear that they are trying to start “another moral panic”. Or at least make it seem that way.

Now the bad guys- the ones claiming that the types of abuse that the Hampstead children and so many others all over the place are describing are all lies and just made up in the minds of the victims, are taking the situations they are being given by the “good guys” and using it to discredit the repeated felon boyfriend and his supporters. This is all being done intentionally though. Both sides are working together for the same objective- to make this case out to be the one that dismisses all of the 19 others that precede it. This has been used as a media campaign- and these children- who are VERY REAL SURVIVORS OF HORRIFIC ABUSE, are being used- not by or because of what they said- but because of the people who have associated themselves the closest with this case- esp. on the “good side”- are there to try and discredit the very abuse allegations that these two children have so bravely spoken about in the first place. Hampstead is being made to be another McMartin- which was the preschool case of abuse that was used as a symbol to quiet all of the 1000’s of other cases at the same time concerning the same types of abuse in the US. And this is being done with a concerted effort, with both the “good side” and the bad, to make the issues on the table concerning child trafficking and horrific sex abuse turn into focus instead on personalities, none of whom are directly connected to the real issue at hand- that being that we have come to a point that the 1000’s of cases of horrific child abuse stemming from our elite group of citizens highly connected up in our governments- directly indicate that this group seems be making an awful lot of money doing some pretty outrageous and incredibly detestable things.

Actually- when you think of it honestly- the Hampstead case has evolved in such a way that it isn’t even just about just the two children- 8 and 9- who are being used in this case anymore either. They have transcended into becoming symbolic of what exactly has been going on with all of this for years and, as such, this case is now allowing people to focus honestly, for the 1st time since the 80’s, on the REAL issues concerning this in order to realize that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this whole entire situation. As there was the first time the US and the UK dealt with these same allegations in the 80’s. Hampstead gives everyone a place to start- and is showing itself to be a clear example of how these cover-ups have been allowed to flourish with regards to child trafficking and horrific abuse in the first place.

The thing is- this whole make it about personalities so that you can use people to distract from the truth has been used time and time again. A perfect example of this is ex FBI guy Ted Gunderson. Yes, he had a career in the FBI- but Gunderson didn’t really “emerge” on the scene in the public arena until after prosecuting attorney Gary Caradori was killed while investigating events around Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80’s. He was sent in to be a distraction.

Now here we have this guy who is incredibly questionable- can be easily discredited- who is acting like he is the good guy. Michael Aquino- who is most assuredly being one of the bad guys- goes on the talk show circuit with Gunderson and what everyone sees is a joke. This high up military guy who claims he is a Satanist (which is a lie by the way since he is most ASSUREDLY a Luciferian who loves the thought of an Antichrist), parades around in a Merlin type outfit and Gunderson fumbles around and doesn’t ask any hard questions (which begs the question how he got as far in the FBI as he did) and so everyone watching thinks it is a joke. The thing is this though- what ALSO happens is that anything that you now hear about any of this will make you think of those involved who have made themselves out to be either uncreditable or worse- a joke- and so now you instinctually dismiss EVERYTHING in regards to criminal activity with the association that you have made with the person who is supposedly trying to expose it. It eventually reaches a point in some that they discredit everything that comes out of the person’s mouth. So even if that person is telling you the truth- because of your association that you have with the topic and with the person you heard it from, you will discredit it all and not believe what the person is telling you.

So, like in Ted Gunderson’s case, he could be telling you straight up truth and because we all know what we do about the man, we all have immediately dismissed what he says. In other words- he tells the truth and we come away with believing that the truth is a lie. And this is done intentionally and has been incredibly effective in controlling the narrative that there is an elite group of pedophiles who are Luciferian and believe in the AntiChrist who have been making inordinate amounts of money in the sex and human trafficking of children globally. Just like Ted Gunderson told us- but we didn’t believe him- because he said it, which is what happens when the FACTS get shifted into a focus on PERSONALITIES.

And this was done intentionally and deceptively. Just like how the repeated ex-felon fanatic boyfriend started this whole Hampstead ordeal by filming the two children and posting it on YouTube was done because this group knew that it could be discredited along with the boyfriend and most of their supporters. If they look crazy- that is because it is being made to look that way on purpose. It is a distraction. If you are busy focused on them and their antics- you aren’t focused on the fact that this case is being made out to look the way it does so that it- and ALL OF THE OTHER 19 CASES THAT CAME BEFORE IT- are completely dismissed. Not to mention that the UK has a proven history of doing this before so why on earth would anyone believe that they aren’t doing their best to try and do the same damn thing again?

So excuse me if I stop worrying about all of the blatant lies that are being added to my YouTube station at a rapid rate- and the Facebook campaigns that are trying to discredit me and what I am saying- because NONE OF IT IS ABOUT ME. People are aware now- and they know what to look for. And all of these petty attacks against me in order to try and control the narrative and keep people from looking at the truth of the whole situation are simply not going to work. The jig is up. It is time that people see how this is working- and how it has ALWAYS worked, honestly now. And all of these petty attempts to shift the focus onto me – or anyone else- are not going to work.


People working in conjunction with the bad side have demanded that I post this….


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