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Fiona Barnett and I Are Being Accused of Blackmail and Sending out Death Threats

This came through on my google + account today… of course- if they have death threats from either Fiona or I- surely they won’t have a problem taking a screen shot and sharing these as proof. I mean- it is pretty easy- I do it all the time. They give US death threats and […]

Why I Have No Reason to Fear

This little Luciferian group has been planning this ” war with Heaven” for a long time. They believe we are now at the time- and they are right. But it isn’t going to work the way they thought. Heaven IS on the offensive and I was told weeks ago in a shamanic journey that whatever […]


People supporting Amanda Prosser are now directly threatening me- telling me I will know who they are by the time I go to sleep tomorrow. AND THIS ONE CAME LATER = FROM ALAN ALANSON- WHO I HAVE DEALT WITH BEFORE IN THESE ENTRIES… Alan Alanson Just Clued Me In that the Distiguishing Marks and […]

A Timeline Concerning Fiona Barnett- Myself, David Shurter- and All the Rest Who Want to Claim THEY Are the Ones

It is pretty easy to figure out- let’s take Fiona Barnett first. She has been trying to expose this elite pedophile ring for about two decades now. She was the one who got charges brought up on Anthony Kidman- Nicole Kidman’s father- which caused him to kill himself. She NOW has successfully started an investigation […]

So Did Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Pay Taxes on Their Campaign to Build Their Devil Statue?

Satanist Doug Mesner/ Lucien Greaves has stated that they did a crowd funding campaign to raise the 100,000 dollars to build their devil statue and so my question is- did he and his little Satanic church, that he has stated ISN’T tax free- pay taxes on all that free money? That is my question for […]