Why I Have No Reason to Fear

This little Luciferian group has been planning this ” war with Heaven” for a long time. They believe we are now at the time- and they are right. But it isn’t going to work the way they thought. Heaven IS on the offensive and I was told weeks ago in a shamanic journey that whatever offensive Heaven is getting ready to wage- I get to lead it. So I am going to continue with what I have been doing until my time here is up. When that happens, the game is over. I will simply take my place on the other side and help Heaven with it’s intentions. These Luciferians have forgotten God has wrath, and they are just about to discover how bad that wrath can be. Shit here is finished- everything is dying- and God is calling all of us back. But some- and you know who you are- are SERIOUSLY FUCKED.

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