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A Facebook Post Dealing with Those Claiming Fiona Barnett and I, David Shurter, Are Disinfo Agents

Lol the Hampstead case is whining about being victims. They post horrible homophobic pro Hitler nonsense and then when they get caught, they all claim they were set up and are not responsible for what they said. Fiona Barnett and i, David Shurter, have shown that the ” good guys” are working directly with the […]

With Regards to the Allegations that I, David Shurter, or Fiona Barnett- Are Disinfo Agents With Concerns about Our Work Concerning an Elite Luciferian Child Trafficking Cult

First off, I have no intentions of playing games. I never made a video with anyone- and the only person I have been involved with in filming anything is with a friend of mine and no one else. This weird attempt to try and make me out to be a disinfo agent is ridiculous- and […]