With Regards to the Allegations that I, David Shurter, or Fiona Barnett- Are Disinfo Agents With Concerns about Our Work Concerning an Elite Luciferian Child Trafficking Cult

First off, I have no intentions of playing games. I never made a video with anyone- and the only person I have been involved with in filming anything is with a friend of mine and no one else. This weird attempt to try and make me out to be a disinfo agent is ridiculous- and it not going to work. I have been focused and active at exposing this whole mess for far too long, and have been to outspoken for far too long- way longer than the Hampstead children have even been alive, to say that I am playing for the other side. This whole idea is being fueled by a group of Hampstead supporters with the heavy direction of Sonya Vangelder.

I may have been at this for well over a decade- but Sonya Vangelder definitely has not. She has been in this for only a year. And yet she is another one who is trying to claim that she is now an expert- while doing her best to try and trash other survivors- such as Fiona Barnett, who is actually making a difference with exposing Australia’s mess concerning the same types of allegations there. Now there are reasons why Sonya is focused on Fiona- and I would like to take an opportunity to explain why.

Fiona lives in Australia and has been working diligently- for even longer than myself- to expose this elite Luciferian child pedophile trafficking ring that is happening down under. Fiona has made amazing progress and has really begun to make a significant difference with regards to all of this. But it seems Sonya is ALSO from Australia. She, by her own admission, has only been at this for about a year- and yet she is claiming she is an expert at the same time she is now trying to trash Fiona- who is finally making a difference. She has somehow ingratiated herself into the survivor community- and for some reason- there are some who are giving her more credibility to her short time investigation than to survivors who have a proven record of trying to expose this for well over a decade or more. Considering Austrailia, like the UK and the US, have shown themselves to be desperate to silence this information about an organized Luciferian child sex trafficking ring, I believe that Sonya is yet another disinfo agent sent in to try and control all of this- but the Australian version. However- since Fiona and I joined forces- and I am focused on Hampstead- now Sonya has become focused on Hampstead. Why? Because it is her job to do her best to try and prevent anyone from listening to Fiona- and now me- but really, anyone who is trying to expose this elite Luciferian child sex ring. She is just another agent involved in trying to contain all of this.

Sonya came on Facebook and did her best to try and subtly discredit me. When it didn’t work- she sent Fiona messages on Facebook two days later- complete with a highly triggering email about snuff films with some incredibly graphic pictures involved. This was done for one of two reasons as I can see- it was either meant as a threat to Fiona- or an attempt to trigger her. Either way- it was intended to shut her down and to make her stop talking. Afterwards- when Fiona decided to block her- this same Sonya and her supporters have gone out of their way to try and make Fiona appear nefarious by attempting to discredit her by claiming that she is a disinfo agent. Exactly the same thing they are now trying to say about me. All of this is just a feeble attempt to prevent people from listening to us. Again- it isn’t going to work- but that doesn’t mean that the game still isn’t being played.

I have undisputedly shown that the “good guys” in Hampstead are working in direct conjunction with the bad guys- and that, as far as personalities go, the “good guys” are just as bad with their homophobic pro Hitler beliefs as the Luciferians they are supposedly going against. Instead of dealing with this fact- which indicates that my belief is correct that Hampstead is attempting to be used to create another case like McMartin which happened here in the US in order to try and dismiss the 19 previous cases of abuse that they currently have and the undisputable fact that the UK went through a HUGE cover-up concerning the very same types of allegations in the 80s- now this collection of con artists are either publically announcing on their Hoaxtead Research website that they are “ignoring” me- claiming that they are not going to feed my supposed need for attention any longer while those who are claiming to be working on the good side are spouting that I am a disinfo agent who has planned- for at least 12 years now, that I was going to infiltrate the Hampstead case. But however ridiculous these arguments become- I need to point out that this evidence is not ABOUT me, but rather are about the fact that there is now proof that another cover up is being attempted with the Hampstead case and to make it out about anything or anyone else is nothing but a deliberate distraction from the truth. And since evidence shows that a myriad of cover ups are currently taking place, esp with the Hampstead case, claiming otherwise is indicative that the person speaking is not playing on the right side and/or is actively involved with trying to cover up these allegations.

Fiona has released indisputable facts concerning this luciferian child trafficking group of elites situation in Austrailia- which is why the perp she called out- Nichole Kidman’s father Anthony Kidman- “committed suicide”. Sonya Vangelder may claim that she didn’t mean anything nefarious sending Fiona the article with a plethora of images of dead chopped up bodies within it but her campaign to discredit Fiona after Fiona blocked her indicates otherwise. This whole business has so many people involved who are posing as good guys but are actually bad guys in order to keep it under wraps that it is amazing- and Soyna- by her own actions- has shown herself to be opposite of what she claims. In fact is seems incredibly apparent that she and her group are doing their best to discredit and control the narrative concerning all of this. The whole you will know a tree by the fruits it bears comes to mind.

However- like I said in the beginning- I am not going to be distracted by these pathetic games. The jig is up- and there is more than enough evidence to indicate that all of this needs a looking into and can no longer be dismissed as it always has been in the past. With 19 cases, one involving Hollie Gregg who is a down syndrome child who claimed ritual abuse and miraculously caught an STD, and the proven historic cover up in the UK-all of this has evolved in such a way that it is NO LONGER about specific individuals but more about a PATTERN of extreme abuse that is occurring in the system- which in and of itself is reason for concern. Therefore- it isn’t about Fiona and it is also certainly NOT ABOUT ME. It is about the fact that case after case after case keep coming out with allegations that a Luciferian AntiChrist loving, demon worshiping, sex depraved, pedophile child killing group is hurting children and making tons of money in the process. Just like what happened in the US in the 80’s, with the same types of allegations, that happened at the exact same time that a proven cover up happened in the UK with, again, the same types of allegations. Just like what is coming out about Australia- involving the exact same types of allegations. The evidence of wrong doing is overwhelming, which is why there is such a squawking about those like Fiona and I, who both are directly involved with pointing all this mess out.

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