New Year’s Declarations

New Years has been great for me. I had time to reflect and contemplate where I am now and where I am headed and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts through this time.

1). God is with me, always. I know there are some of you who poo poo the thought of God- but let me assure you- Heaven- the Father- AND the Mother- as most assuredly real. Growing up with Luciferians- who taught me the realities of demons- it was pretty hard not to realize that if one was true- so was the other. But anyway- I just wanted to say that God is not only with me- but with us all. All of Heaven is here right now- and I am grateful for the love and security that Heaven has so abundantly bestowed upon me.

2). I’m not going to go into real detail about this- but some have argued that this case I am involved with in the UK called the Hampstead case (all about you can read on my blog) dealing with two horribly ritually abused children is that my focus is not on the children and that I don’t care about them. Only the ladder of these two arguments is untrue. I care deeply about these children. However- they are NOT my focus I have to admit. The cult behind these activities- which I am going to write about in detail today- is MY focus. The Hampstead children- although I care about them- they are a symbol of the MYRIADS of children who have been decimated with all of this Luciferian worshiping of demons and the “AntiChrist”. And I am not going to let Hampstead become another version of McMartin Preschool. It ain’t gonna happen again. So those of you who argue that my focus is not on the two children- you are somewhat correct- because they certainly are not my ONLY- nor my MAIN focus. I am focused on the CULT.

3). I am amazed how different this year was to those recently in the past. I have grown quite comfortable being single- and although I once thought it would kill me- I am actually enjoying the time I get to spend with myself alone. It is easier hearing the voice of Heaven in silence- and I have become to enjoy- maybe for the first time in my life- the pleasure of my own company. Wow- who would have known? Certainly not me.

4). I have come to realize that I have really made a difference with what I have been doing all these years because so many people have told me that I have empowered and help to heal them. It was just a nice feeling last night contemplating that fact- and I truly appreciate all of you as well- because it helps me to realize that I am accomplishing one of my goals in all of this. To show that we need not fear and in fact need to be strong to stand and tell what we went through- comfortable in the fact that there are so many of us that it will be impossible to deny us any longer. Last night- I discovered that I had incredible faith that this is about to happen. All survivors are beginning to feel that it is time to take a stand and testify to what we went through. Neither the US nor the UK experienced any form of “moral panic” as it has been called. What they experienced was a MORAL HOLOCAUST because there wasn’t a decent, honest, or HUMAN component in it. All it was, all it IS STILL, is a celebration of depravity. Nothing more.

5). Lastly- I was amused at my wonderful friend Larry who died this past year. I once told him that he was a tank with a flame thrower attached to it and he liked it- esp. since he liked to think about lighting people on fire with his mind. It made him feel better to think about when he had to deal with idiots- which, as a truck driver, he had to endure a LOT. He was one of the most decent- and funniest- guys I have ever met. Anyway- he died at the end of this year. Funny thing about the other side though- there ARE NO LIMITATIONS. No flesh to limit the energy vibrations I guess. Anyway- in a recent Shamanic journey- it came to my attention that Larry has been busy. The mansion were Allister Crowley lived- – grandfather of occult magic as we know it today- burned down a couple weeks or so ago. You see- Larry- with the rest of ALL of Heaven- is focused on helping me as well- and I was told that symbolically- which is what the cult understands- it means their foundation is gone. Razing Crowley’s house just destroyed it and whether anyone wants to admit it or not- it is a DEFINITE sign of things to come. Fact is what I was taught at a child is REAL and it WORKS. And I am really good at it. And I am grateful that Larry- who is far from finished- is standing by my side and helping from the other side. And I thought Crowley’s mansion burning down was brilliant.

6). I just want to finish off with what I think is important to tell others. The Luciferians were right. We are at the gates of Heaven. I did not believe them for the longest time but damn- they were actually telling the truth. Anyway- Jesus isn’t coming to save us and restore this world. That is yet another lie. What is going to happen is that God is bringing every one of us to Him. Thus- mankind is on the verge of a HUGE mass die off. Going through this is going to test ALL of us and especially our FAITH. However, that is because there is a “new earth” that we are going to. Everything that is dying on this side- and considering that we are in a 6th period extinction event that pretty much means everything- is WAKING UP on the New Earth. God has prepared an amazing place for us- and we are headed there soon. So when things start to go down- and they ARE going to go down- please keep this in mind and realize that although what we are all facing ahead of us is going to be painful and hard- it is nothing but the birth pains of something so wonderful that many of you could not even comprehend. So keep faith and trust in Heaven. It has all of us in its hand and it loves all of us unconditionally.

7). Ok- with that- one more thing- and this is primarily for Luciferians but can be pretty much for anyone who loves having a dark heart. Have no worries- you are about to get exactly what you have always wanted. You wanted separation from God- and you wanted to be just like the demons you have worshiped- and so you are going to get your wish. Of course- no God means no light. There is a darkness that is even now claiming you. Search your tiny little hearts and you will know what I am saying is true. When you find yourselves in this darkness- after your initial shock and horror- you will have nothing to do but to go to sleep. And when that happens- you are not going to be able to wake. In that sleep- you will have the opportunities to do all of the nasty stuff you enjoy. Rape torture- sacrifice- but you are all going to do it to yourselves. Your own dreams are going to replay all of your groups “indiscretions” over and over and over- in its ENTIRETY of the horror and pain it created, for each one of you personally- up close and personal (just the way you all like it)- as you do to yourselves in your nightmares what you have done- and have been a part of doing- to so many others on this side. And it will never stop- and you will have no reprieve- because all of you will be asleep and it will be playing out in your dreams. You are taking the place of those you worshiped for so long- and since they never slept- you are never going to wake. In a way- it is the same thing. And this is going to go on for exactly as long as the fallen have been here. Just to assure you- that is a really, really, really, really, really, really LONG ASS time. And there is absolutely NOTHING ANY OF YOU can do about it. The conditions are the same as they have always been- COME CLEAN OR BE CLAIMED. But just remember- when you all get claimed and you realize that I told you the truth- just don’t forget the fact that I TOLD YOU SO.

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