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Justice James Wood in Australia Presided over the Royal Commission into his own VIP Pedophile Network

Many Thanks To My “Deceased” Friend Larry Freeman

First it was Aleister Crowley’ s old house. Now M’s Pub- in the Old Market area in Omaha which was a favorite hang out of the cult- who had a review written by Peter Citron hanging on it’s walls, has burned to the ground. Seems my dear friend, who just recently died and is now […]

The Evidence that The Hoaxtead People- and Those Connected to the Hampstead Case, Are Stalking Me to Try an Quiet Me

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. In this video I have tin foil covering my ears. At the very beginning of my invetigation into Franklin Credit and my family- I got inundated with with electronic microwave weapons. This has happened a few times. This was my first time, and this happened years ago- as you […]