The Evidence that The Hoaxtead People- and Those Connected to the Hampstead Case, Are Stalking Me to Try an Quiet Me

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. In this video I have tin foil covering my ears. At the very beginning of my invetigation into Franklin Credit and my family- I got inundated with with electronic microwave weapons. This has happened a few times. This was my first time, and this happened years ago- as you can see I was much, MUCH, younger.

The first time this happened it prevented me from sleeping for three weeks. This video is proof what it does to a person. I was extremely exhausted and so damn desperate- that I would have shoved the tin foil in my ears or any place I could to stop being attacked. (Just to let you all know- tin foil DOESN’T work to stop the crap).

The second time I got hit was the day after I sent my manuscript to my publisher. I heard and felt it go on the next day around two o’clock in the afternoon. This time it lasted two weeks- and I decided to go to the hospital- but before I went, I decided to upload my enitire book onto my blog. This was a brilliant move on my part.

I went to the hospital- and was fine getting checked in- until an hour and twenty minutes later- when I heard and felt it go on all over again. I laid in the waiting room for 45 minutes- being able to do nothing but let it wash over me. When they came and got me to take me too my room- I told them I didn’t feel well. They decided to take my blood pressure- and right after I found myself being rushed by rescue squad to Creighton Medical due to being well over the limit with my blood pressure and was way over what is considered heart attack or stroke level.

I spent three days in Creighton Medical with them performing all sorts of tests on me as they were unable to determine why, although I came in with incredibly high blood pressure- I had gone back to BETTER THAN NORMAL blood pressure afterwards- and had mantained that the whole time I was there. I had them send me everyone- doctors, nurses, therapists, and social workers- so that I could explain to them that this was being done to me because of what I was involved with investigating. And I refered them to my book the entire time- which was on my blog.

Afterwards- I was too afraid to go back home- so I decided to go back to Lasting Hope after Creighton discharged me. The week I was there- I did exactly the same thing. Told everyone and referred them to my blog so that they could read my book. Later on- after I published Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story- I went back to take someone my book- and ran into the head nurse that had worked on my floor. She asked for two books- one for herself, and one for my doctor- so that she could leave a copy on his desk. She felt this was important because they have had SO MANY OTHERS come in claiming many of the things concerning the same sort of stuff I had. So the PROFESSIONALS that dealt with me- THEY ALL BELIEVED ME.

Releasing this video is just another attempt to prevent people from listening to me. It says “DON’T LISTEN TO HIM- LOOK- HE IS CRAZY.” Again- this is disingenuous. People who have experienced the stuff I have may LOOK crazy- but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t telling the truth. But this group had to search HARD to find this video- and then used it to make one of their own. Full of commentary. This was done in a desperate attempt to prevent others from listening to what I have been saying for well over a decade. This video that they have presented- happened YEARS ago- when I first got involved. But this is a perfect example of how they have been stalking me and using whatever they can to try and prevent me from being listened too.

For those of you who question that the weapons that I speak about exist- here are the patents to some of them- so that you can see for yourselves that YES they truly do indeed exist- and the MYRIADS of people who are complaining about being harassed with them- although they may seem crazy at first- are MOST DEFINITELY telling the truth…

USP# 6,488,617 (12/03/2002) A method and device for producing desired brain states.

USP# 6,239,705 (05/29/2001) Intra oral electronic tracking device

USP# 6,091,994 (07/18/2000) Pulsating manipulation of nervous systems.

USP# 6,052,336 (04/18/2000) Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier.

USP# 5,539,705 (07/23/1996) Ultrasonic speech translator and communication system for converting radio frequencies and audio signals to the human mind.

USP# 5,507,291 (04/16/1996) Method of manipulating associated persons emotional state remotely.

USP# 5,159,703 (10/27/1992) Silent subliminal presentation system (Look up Silent Sound Spread Spectrum on YouTube)

USP# 5,017,143 (05/21/1991) Method and apparatus for producing subliminal images- causing hallucinations

USP# 4,877,027 (10/31/1989) Remote hearing system

USP# 3,951,135 (04/20/1976) Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and alternating brain waves

USP# 6,506,148 (01/14/2003) Manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors.


One last thing. Reading Hoaxtead today- i never said you idiots were the cause. The world is MUCH BIGGER than Hampstead and, although it comes as quite a shocker- the world doesn’t revolve and you and all of your bullshit. Lol. And you all claim MY ego is big. Lmfao.

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