A Facebook Post Dealing with Those Claiming Fiona Barnett and I, David Shurter, Are Disinfo Agents

Lol the Hampstead case is whining about being victims. They post horrible homophobic pro Hitler nonsense and then when they get caught, they all claim they were set up and are not responsible for what they said. Fiona Barnett and i, David Shurter, have shown that the ” good guys” are working directly with the bad guys in order to discredit and control the narrative about this case and now they are clamoring that we are disinfo agents, never ONCE dealing with the evidence at hand. They all seem to be working in conjunction with each other claiming that Fiona and i laid in wait for the Hampstead children to first be born, then be abused, then for the case to come along so we could discredit it. Nothing Fiona and i have done or said in the decade + we have been working to expose all of this crap matters- the ONLY thing that matters is the Hampstead case, which is being used to try and dismiss EVERY OTHER ALLEGED CRIME THAT HAS COME BEFORE IT. this group is just mad this isn’t happening and so they are using the only card they have left by claiming Fiona and i are disinfo. It is sad really. And anyone with a discerning eye who looks at all of this can easily see what they are trying to do.

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