(sorry about the spelling errors, which were pointed out by the Hampstead Supporters Spelling Mafia- I did this original post on my phone. Doesn’t change what I said though)

It has been actually facinating- much like watching “reality” television, watching hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com play their games trying to appear that they are trashing repeated ex felon Abe Christie now that it has been shown that they are also on the team supporting him. They actually believe that their games are going to keep focus off what the Hampstead ritually abused children said- which resembles exactly the 19 cases that have proceeded this case and keep it on Abe and his supporters, all of whom are working in league with Hoaxtead directly. I truly believe that they believe that no one is going to see through their clever quips and obvious deceit in trying to make this case out to be another child abuse laden McMartin. However it seems many people are seeing the light which is lifting their unspeakable unease with the facts that have been presented. The game is obvious now as everyone is starting to see how the dialogue surrounding Hampstead is trying to be contained and controlled by both sides. Again, it has nothing to do with me or any one individual but a concerted group who is working in conjunction with both sides in a desperate attempt to make all of this go away. Not gonna work but now that everyone sees it, I have to admit is is fascinating to watch.

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