A Timeline Concerning Fiona Barnett- Myself, David Shurter- and All the Rest Who Want to Claim THEY Are the Ones

It is pretty easy to figure out- let’s take Fiona Barnett first. She has been trying to expose this elite pedophile ring for about two decades now. She was the one who got charges brought up on Anthony Kidman- Nicole Kidman’s father- which caused him to kill himself. She NOW has successfully started an investigation into 8 government homes for boys- and has continued to push this whole thing to come out in the open. She has been at this for TWO DECADES.

Now some woman named Amanda Prosser has come forward claiming SHE is the real advocate- but she has not been involved with any of this except for ONE YEAR. She has come AFTER the whole Anthony Kidman case- AFTER the Royal Commission failed to investigate in their Wood Royal Commission, but appeared RIGHT AFTER things started to work for Fiona. What she has done is wage a semi successful media campaign- but her focus has not been getting victims claims investigated but rather- SHE HAS GONE AFTER FIONA BARNETT, calling her out as a fraud. Now you can see by what Fiona has done that she has the right intentions- but this Prosser- she seems hell bent on silencing Fiona and discrediting her. Prosser has not gotten ANYTHING investigated- she hasn’t called ANYONE out as being involved in all of this- all she has done is do her best to trash Fiona and the work Fiona has done for two decades. Hmmmm- I guess it all comes down to knowing a tree by the fruit it bears.

Now take the Hampstead case. This case came AFTER 18 other cases- like the Hollie Greig case, the Melanie Shaw case, and 17 others. It also came AFTER it was determined that the UK was involved with a huge cover-up involving a wide spread pedophile ring. And this is the case that everyone involved with it wants to DEFINE all the rest. It came LAST and yet it is being used as a determining factor for all the rest. And what is the goal? To discredit and dismiss all the other cases and get people to ignore the whole cover-up in the 80’s. Now that I have gotten involved with this case- their focus has come onto me- to discredit me and silence me. This group has made its own videos of me- are claiming that I have been calling for violence (which I never have), and has done every little nasty thing they could to try and trash me. I have been trying to expose this corruption for 14 years now- but here they come along- no more than two years ago- and now THEY are claiming that they are the real deal- and that I am the liar. But all they seem to do is play games on the internet. They haven’t done much at all to do anything for ANY OF THE OTHER CASES- but have SOLELY been focused on Hampstead- and when you look at the “good guys” and the bad guys- what they have done in conjunction with each other is make this case out to be a joke. That is why I have stated that the UK is trying to make Hampstead out to be another McMartin- which was the case that was used in the US in the 80s to dismiss the 1000’s of other claims that children were being abused.

This whole “game” has now gotten the Hampstead people to work in conjunction with those in Australia who are trying to trash Fiona Barnett. This campaign is meant to quiet real survivors and desperately try to contain the fact that people are beginning to realize that this whole large, organized, and well-funded group of pedophiles trafficking children for sex EXISTS. The powers that be are involved with making this go away and silencing the victims. Like Fiona Barnett and myself. They will say whatever lie they can think of- and there are A LOT OF THEM FLOATING AROUND- in order to make sure THEY are the ones people listen to and that no one listens to those who have been fighting this situation for a well over a decade. They have come out of nowhere – in just the last two years- and are demanding that the focus be on them and ONLY THEM. But when you look at it- they haven’t DONE anything, other than wage a semi successful social media war against Fiona and I- who ARE making a difference. If we weren’t- there would be NO REASON to attack us in the way that they are. But one thing is clear in all of this- they HAVE waged a full out attack on us- everywhere and anywhere they could, demeaning us any chance they can. When looked at as a whole- it is pretty obvious that another cover-up is trying to be implemented and that these groups- who are working in conjunction with each other- are the ones behind it. They will claim we are trying to trash REAL SUPPORTERS- but when you look at it- that ISN’T what is happening. What these “real supporters” are invested in is trashing the two who have worked for a long, long, long time to expose this. And they just came forward when our actions have started to have a real effect. Otherwise- like we can see in the Hampstead case- they would have embraced ALL THE OTHER CASES THAT HAVE COME BEFORE IT- instead of trying to have the SOLE focus on them.

Again- you can tell the tree by the fruit it bears.


Right after I posted this- I got veiled threats from a supporter of Amanda Prosser who told me he is a convicted criminal…








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