After Receiving an Email from Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves- This Was Posted Immediately After My Last Email Exchange

doug mm

3:29 PM (1 hour ago)

to joshua, me
No, David. You must revise the posts in which these claims are made so that they do not make these claims any more. Let us know when you’ve completed this simple task.


3:49 PM (53 minutes ago)

to doug

I guess i ahould ask- or what?what exactly is your threat?


Angry Dave 49 minutes ago
Me me me me me me me! I’m so very important! If nobody replies to me, they must be running scared because all of my delusions are correct. If they do respond to me, they are obsessing over my actions because all of my delusions are correct. I’m right about everything, and everything proves it! And if anyone disagrees with me on anything, that is irrefutable proof that they are paedophiles. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m on a promise with this Aussie chick I’ve been sniffing around. Feisty Fiona, they call her. Woof woof – hog diggety! PS: please please please don’t ask me about my nephew. That little brat has accused me of being a little too “touchy-feely”, if you know what I mean 😉

So this whole thing has led me to believe that Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves is one of the people actively attacking me on YouTube and all over the internet. I have been well aware that Doug has been in contact with my step mother- who was one of my primary abusers throughout my entire life- after he published a timeline as a comment on his article David Shurter’s Epic Fail. This timeline is complete and utter bullshit- but he spoke of things that he could not have gotten from anyone else. (I am posting the comments at the bottom as screen shots so you can see what I mean). However- after I didn’t do what he wanted- he stepped it up by posting this… “PS: please please please don’t ask me about my nephew. That little brat has accused me of being a little too “touchy-feely”, if you know what I mean ;)” Complete with a little happy face. So I guess it is time to deal with this.

After my father and step mother made me light a man on fire when I was 10- I became uncontrollable for them- so at the age of 12- they sent me to stay with one of my older siblings. All of my older siblings were living in the same area in Minnesota at the time- right around where Jacob Wetterling was abducted.

During that stay- my sister left me alone to babysit and I ended up attacking her three year old son. Directly after- before my sister and her husband returned home, I went into my sister’s medicine cabinet and took a bunch of pills in an attempt to kill myself. The police were called when she got home- I was talked too- but no charges were filed. However, the authorities in Minnesota concluded that something was not right in my home and so they ordered social workers to start visiting my father’s house so they could ascertain what was going on.

About three weeks after they started visiting us, a week after I turned 13, I tried to kill myself again- and one of the social workers picked me up and drove me to Cherokee Mental Health Institute- where I stayed for five months. I never spoke about what was going on- but I speak about this time in my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story. They determined that I was having a psychotic break- but didn’t know why. (With everything I had gone through as a child- and the fact that my father and step mother made me light a guy on fire when I was 10 it was totally understandable- but I was too scared to say anything. This is the reason why my father only showed up 3 times during my stay- because he was scared of what I was telling them).

I have always been open about this episode in the family- and have never denied it. No- I haven’t spoken about it publicly- but that is for a couple reasons. First- it is humiliating. We have all done things as children that we aren’t proud about- and this episode that happened when I was 12 is actually top of my list. I also did not want to embarrass my sister nor her son- who doesn’t even remember it. I have been quite open about it in my family however. In fact- my father and I got into a heated argument at one point when he tried to insist that it never happened. I wasn’t having it- and told him that is the reason why social services came into our house- which was proof that it DID happen. I have done everything I could throughout the years to try and make it up to my nephew- and for the most part, my family has put this situation- that happened 37 years ago- behind us.

So how exactly did an anonymous troll on YouTube come across this information? The only way this could happen is if Doug Mesner IS the troll trying to threaten to expose me with this. He is the ONLY one who spoke to my step mother- and he did this as you can see from the timeline he posted on his article. The timeline itself may be complete bullshit- but the fact that he knew things to put in that timeline that ARE real showed me early on that he had been in contact with my step mother. Now- since I didn’t do what he commanded me to do- he is now threatening to “expose me”. However- it isn’t going to work.

Yes- after being forced to light a man on fire- I had a mental breakdown which caused me to attack my three year old nephew at the age of 12. The whole thing was horrible- but the fact that this Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves is now trying to throw it in my face in order to shut me down is nothing but despicable- and shows that this idiot is capable of anything when he wants his way. The time line when all this happened- as you can see above- shows that this was immediately after I sent my last email to him. He will not only use my abuse- but my nephew’s and sister’s pain to get his way. AND THIS IS THE HERO OF THE OTHER SIDE. It is sick- and he is pathetic. But then- what do you expect from a devil worshipper.





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