Australia’s SECOND Royal Commission Regarding Extreme Child Abuse Issues Involved- Once Again- In a Cover-Up- Just like the First Time

This morning I went to the Australian Royal Commission’s Facebook page and posted this on five of their articles:

“ Justice James Wood in Australia presided over the Royal Commission into his own VIP pedophile network. How is Australia ANY different than the US or the UK – who are ALSO having to deal with their cover-ups into this huge, organized, and well-funded child abuse and pedophile trafficking ring? What exactly are you guys doing about YOUR issues regarding this- and if nothing- then WHY?”

As a result- I have now found myself banned from this page on Facebook. What this tells me is that THIS royal commission- which is the second of its type in Australia- is desperately trying to pull ANOTHER cover-up- like they did with the first one- where Justice James Wood- an accused pedophile- headed it and made all of the allegations go away the first time. These people have no concept of honor- nor transparency- and foolishly believe that banning people like myself- and Fiona Barnett- who has brought these allegations to light and has ALSO found herself banned, will make these issues go away. However, people don’t like their governments raping and killing their children- and they like their elected officials covering it all up probably even less. But, since they are doing their best to prevent anyone from getting this information- is seems pretty obvious that they are doing now what they did before- and are trying to make the allegations go away and make those who are alerting the public to this- to shut our mouths. Won’t work- but hey- they get an A for effort.

Blocking people who are exposing this mess is an EXCELLENT indication that they are trying to enact another cover-up. Just as the Uk has done and is doing. Just like the US has done and is doing. And why is this being done? So our elite can traffic, rape, and murder your children. If you are okay with this- then I suggest you sit at home and do nothing. But for those of you who find all of this unacceptable- I suggest you STAND and let your voice be heard- because I assure you- either way- GOD IS LISTENING!













After i published this article, less than an hour later I found myself UNBLOCKED. How interesting. So for those who are concerned, leave them a message and let them know…


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