The Opposition is so Obsessed with Me and With What I Am Doing that They Have Made Two Videos of Me Just This Last Week Alone

I guess some guy who calls himself Vileance on YouTube has become so obsessed with me as of late that he has sat down and spent the time making two videos of me trying to trash me. Funny- I have never done this before- and don’t know anyone who has- but according to him and his little group- they obviously find this normal and acceptable. I actually have no idea what is in these videos because I have never bothered to sit down and watch them. Frankly- I don’t really care enough to do so. But something tells me that they aren’t going to win any awards anytime soon.

So why is all of this really being done? Because this little group doesn’t want anyone to consider what I am saying and are hoping that if they do their best to slaughter the messenger that what I am saying will be lost in the process. So what is my message? It is pretty simple- a huge, organized, and well-funded group of pedophiles are raping and killing kids and making inordinate amounts of money doing so. This little group- they don’t want anyone to believe this. So they are waging some weird social media campaign against me- sitting at their computers obsessing over me as they make little YouTube videos and do their best to attack me online with nasty comments. They believe that if they do this- and make it all about me- people will ignore the things we all know to be true and focus solely on me. Of course- as they do this little obsessive thing they have going- they also complain incessantly that I am an “attention whore”. However- judging by the fact that they have made two videos about me in the last week- it is THEY who are focused on me and unable to stop themselves from giving me attention. Did I ask for this? No. All I have asked for is that this pedophile ring that is raping and killing children gets the attention it so desperately needs in order to stop it. This group- however- is doing everything they can think of to prevent this from happening.

I find it amusing that this Vileance- who is posting videos of me- is also promoting satanic literature being given to Florida school children as a good thing. In fact- in the screen shot I am providing- this is the third video he has listed- right after the two videos he made of me. So it is pretty easy to guess what side this guy is on. He likes the devil- and he likes to promote the devil. What he and his little group DON’T like is people like me who come along and point out those raping and killing children are unacceptable and that this is worse than what everyone thinks. However, this goes against their teaching selfishness and ego- which is what the devil supports, which they find okay and should be considered acceptable. I don’t. So we find ourselves at odds. The difference between us however is that I am not sitting at home obsessing over them and I am certainly not sitting at home making videos to put on YouTube to trash them as individuals.

Yes, it is true- I have spoken out about Doug Mesner/Satanist Lucien Greaves- but that is because I abhor everything he stands for. He is running a tax free church- using the money to throw lavish parties and support his lifestyle while pushing every one he can to join so that he can bilk money out of them. He made so much from this that he was able to build an 8 foot statue of the devil- which, by the way, no one wants to display, which is why its whereabouts are presently unknown. This little group calls me an attention whore- but Doug Mesner has been on a myriad of television programs- throws rallies for political leaders, and, when the need arises, pulls out his privates in front of the media so he can garner more attention- but his little group claim that I am the attention whore. Lol. He serves himself and only himself. Me- I am trying to expose a pedophile ring in order to save myriads of children from being hurt. But this little group- who uses every argument he has made against me- thinks he is a hero and I am the bad guy. Personally- I think their priorities, along with many other things to many to count- are screwed up. But hey- that is just me.


People wonder why more survivors don’t come forward- but when you take a minute to view the internet and see what this group is doing to me- it isn’t all that hard to understand. They act in a pack- attacking like a group of rabid wolves. Me- well, I am used to standing alone. I wasn’t popular when I was in school- and have spent the majority of my life often standing alone. This group wouldn’t know how to do that if they tried. They attack- support each other to gain each other’s support- and then attack again. And they do this constantly- every day- often ALL day, and will insult (usually with profuse profanity) and deride me any and every chance they get. Now they are sitting at home and spending hours making videos of me. They really think if they puff up their chests and act really, really nasty- I will run away with my tail between my legs. What they are upset with is that, although this has been going on for years- these constant internet attacks, I am still here and I am still fighting. Why? Because I feel trying to help children is important. Popularity- popular thought- not so much- as I feel much stronger standing with my convictions than I do running around with groups like this one- who seem to feed on each other’s bad behavior. And honestly- with concerns to this group- not only do I have no interest in how they feel about me- but I would cross the street to avoid them if I saw them coming towards me. My friends have integrity, they are caring, and none of them go out of their way to hurt others. NO ONE in this group can say the same thing- which is why I don’t care about them. When you see what they say- and how they express themselves- you can tell without a doubt that they are very self-impressed. They are smarter than everyone else, they are craftier than everyone else, and- in their opinion- no one is more deserving than they are of having center stage. They certainly have no inclination to share that stage and will attack anyone who they feel is taking away from what they feel is entitled to them. The issue for them, as I see it- is that I am detracting from their own attention seeking and they can’t stand this. So they sit at home making nasty videos of me in order to garner back the attention they feel is theirs. Never mind that they are fighting to protect a bunch of pedophiles who are hurting kids. They themselves will tell you all that this isn’t happening- that this is a lie- despite all of the facts that we now know. They want everyone to placate themselves so that they can continue with their lavish parties and despicable appetites- and if I am any indication- they will fight tooth and nail to keep things as they are- despite the fact that myriads of children are being raped and murdered in the process.

Anyway- I just wanted to say something about all of this because I feel it is important that I state my side. This group- they don’t want ANYONE to hear my side. They just want you to watch the their videos- that seem to be coming out at two a week now- and not question the fact that they seem oddly obsessed with someone that they continuously call a “liar” and “crazy”. I have known a lot of liars in my life- and have met some seriously crazy people along the way- but I have never become obsessed with them to the point that I followed them around on every social media site I could, and I have never taken the time and effort to make videos of them. I just have more of a life than that. Besides- I think it is strange and weird and mean. Why is it that Satanists all seem to be bullies? Of course- when they are called out- they go from being bullies to directly playing victims- but if you call them on it- they will call you names and proclaim from the rooftops that you are a liar. Or they will make YouTube videos of you. All in all- it is basically the same thing.

Doug Mesner/Satanist Lucien Greaves may say he is atheist and that he doesn’t really believe in the devil- but he believes in the VIRTUES concerning the devil. But the devil has historically been known to be a liar. He has also been known to be vindictive and vicious. All of these attributes are displayed by those online who are attacking me. But I believe in just the opposite. Not that I am by any means a saint- but worshipping ego and selfishness just seems wrong to me. And I have no interest to join a pack of rabid wolves who like to attack individuals they feel are much lesser than they are. And if this little group, with their obsessive little videos and their nasty daily comments directed at me- believe in anything- it is that they are way superior to me. This is esp. true of Doug- although I can’t profess to understand this since he has a face that scares small children. But whatever.

Fact is- no matter how they attack, no matter what nasty things they have to say- no matter how ugly they become towards me-no matter how many videos they make trying to trash me- I am not going to stop what I am doing. Which is exposing a huge, organized, and well-funded group of child abusing pedophiles that are making tons of money doing really nasty and vile things to children. Quite simply I am strong enough to do what it takes to accomplish this, and I could care less what the pedophile protection squad has to say about it. And what they are doing- doing their best to squelch any conversation about the fact that children are being hurt in mass- is doing JUST THAT. They will say this isn’t happening-that this whole situation doesn’t exist- and that anyone who says it does is crazy. But I stand as an example of what they will do to anyone who says otherwise. Their main issue with me, though, is that I have no respect for them- and thus I could not care less what they think. And this fact has obviously made them mad. So stay tuned- because one thing I am pretty sure of is that another video trashing me in any way they can will be coming soon. They simply can’t help themselves.videodude




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