Answering the Myriad of Attacks on Me and These Cases Revolving Around Child Abuse on YouTube

I woke again to ANOTHER “attack” on YouTube and wanted to take the time to show it and talk about it and I will show the comment in the end. I find it highly suspect that this Hoaxtead group (who stands in direct opposition to the Hampstead child abuse claims in the UK- thus the name) seem to live on YouTube and any other social media that they can garner to get their claims out that every child who comes forward claiming ritual abuse is either a liar- or their parents are. (That was the jest of this comment left for me this morning). Most individuals who watch videos on YouTube cannot even be bothered to click the thumbs up or down- but THIS group- they LIVE on YouTube- leaving constant, daily remarks trying to discredit the children, the parents, and me. They even went so far as to search for an obscure video I did about 8 or 9 years ago and only had it on ONE site (it was a CNN affiliated site), and in turn made their own video with it- doing their best to discredit me. What normal individual does this? To me- this shows that they have an objective, and that this video is evidence of how focused they are at making all of these child abuse cases go away.

With regards to the Hampstead children being filmed before Abraham Christie- the repeated ex-felon boyfriend, who filmed them and put it on YouTube- this is why they are upset. It is their contention that Abe feed these children drugs, beat and tortured them, and forced them to make the videos they did- telling them what to say and forcing them to say it. This group DOES NOT WANT anyone to think that these children were filmed first by anyone else- because this puts this whole theory in serious jeopardy. If they were already talking- and being filmed- by someone else- then this theory falls apart, and this is what they have solely focused on in their attacks. I can’t answer this person’s questions because I simply do not know the answers. What I do know is that I was told- by an incredibly reliable source- that they HAD spoken with someone else PRIOR to Abe- and that he HAD filmed their conversations. It seems this group doesn’t want anyone to know about this- and thus they do their best to ask all sorts of questions in hopes that they will discredit me. However, I am doing MANY things- and contrary to what this little Hoaxtead group may assert- they are not the center of the world and the world certainly does not revolve around them.

The next part- this part about “HG”- well- just calling an abused child by her initials is suspect. They know her name- OBVIOUSLY- since they seem to know A LOT about her case, but refuse to say it. Why? Simply because they don’t want anyone going from their conversation and googling Hollie Greig to read what REALLY happened. What do they assert? Well, the doctors were inept in saying she had an STD and have no clue what they are talking about. As far as the case itself? Well, it NEVER HAPPENED. The mother is of course LYING- as are ALL the parents who have come forward claiming the same types of abuse with their children. Hollie’s mother is a liar, she is vindictive, and she is just trying to use her child to hurt innocent people. It is like a carbon copy of what has been said about the majority of the 1000’s, if not 100,000’s of cases, where children and parents have come forward. This is, by far, NOT an original argument, and is just the same type of shit that is ALWAYS offered in order to try and discredit the parents. I am surprised that they didn’t say that Hollie and her mother were influenced to say all of what they have because they read a book somewhere down the line- as this is ALSO a major argument used with those who would like to discredit these types of abuse claims. But again- Holly didn’t get abused according to these people. Her vindictive evil mother just TOLD her that she was abused so that she could “get back” at people she has a grudge with. If you ask me- there are WAY more effective and MUCH LESS CONTROVERSIAL methods of doing this- but Holly’s mom- if these people were asked- would be determined as stupid as well. I am sure that will be part of their next CONTINUALLY ONGOING argument.

In reading this tripe this morning, it occurred to me that this “pookster 78” person seems to have spent a great deal of thought on- not only the Hampstead case, but also the Hollie Grieg case, as well. They don’t sound like a normal lay person to me. So could this Hoaxtead group actually BE a part of the pedophile cult that so many people are trying to expose? Although they would scream and yell otherwise- honestly it SIMPLY CANNOT BE RULED OUT. The only indication that anyone has that they aren’t is just the fact that they claim they are not. Otherwise- there is no concrete evidence that says that they definitely aren’t. They certainly are waging quite the social media campaign against it. I am a perfect example of that. Whatever the case may be- it is pretty obvious that this group isn’t just one comprised of concerned citizens who just seemed to find an interest in the case. We all have become interested in one thing or another in our lives- but how many of us have lived on the internet and waged a large and concerted campaign on social media because of it? That not only encompasses ONE case- but ALL of them. And what is it that they are saying? That all of these cases are lies, the parents are unbalanced, vindictive, and manipulative and every child who says that they have been abused is either being told to do so by their parents- or they are just simply liars themselves.- EVERY ONE- in EVERY CASE- that has ANYTHING to do with ritual abuse.

This Hoaxtead group says that there is no proof of a large, organized pedophile child abuse and trafficking ring. However, the whole world knows now that the UK COVERED UP ALL OF THESE TYPES OF ALLEGATIONS in the 80’s. We know this for certain. Now evidence has come to light that Judge James Wood- in Australia, who was head of and RUNNING the Woodrow Commission dealing with their same types of accusations, has been called out as an involved pedophile HIMSELF by some of the victims. So Australia is now on the verge of realizing that the same type of cover up that we all know for certain happened in the UK- ALSO happened in Australia. So to claim that there is NO PROOF of any of this, that this huge group of elite pedophiles doesn’t exist because they investigated themselves and told everyone else that they didn’t exist- is ridiculous. It flies against the FACTS that we all now KNOW TO BE TRUE. The time has come where society cannot be led by the nose of this little group who is asserting that, contrary to what we all know to be facts, these type of allegations are all lies and that there is absolutely no reason to think about any of this any further. Despite the fact that SO MANY PEOPLE- from ALL OVER THE GLOBE- have come forward claiming otherwise- and not because they read a book somewhere along the line- or read something online at some point or another- but because they EXPERIENCED it themselves PERSONALLY. And the fact is- when they came forward to tell, they- and all of their allegations, were covered up. Which AGAIN begs the question- if these myriads of claims were all based on lies, why did those involved- who were high up in government- feel the need to cover them up in the first place? That is the question we ALL need to be asking ourselves, instead of being lead around by a group of “know it alls” who are WAY more invested in all of this than they would like to admit.



Like I said- this group of people are on YouTube- EVERY DAY and CONSTANTLY. Here is THIS MORNINGS conversation after I posted what I did… ( and as far as attacks go, this conversation is taking place in the comments section of a video that was MADE and UPLOADED as nothing more than an attack on me, so to claim what has followed ISN’t an attack is disingenuous at BEST.)





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