It Is Pretty Obvious to See that Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple Is Focused on Me

Our last conversation on Twitter – which is posted below- plainly shows Satanist Doug is not only focused on me but is hell bent on doing whatever he can to discredit and defame me in order to prevent anyone from actually listening to what I have to say about him as well as the fact my family was involved with child abductions and trafficking.



It is also pretty easy to ascertain that he lies.  It took a GREAT deal of time for me to get him to admit that he argues that survivor Brice Taylor is wrong and that sticking a penis into a baby’s mouth causes absolutely no neurological damage to the baby.
At first he flat out denied it, then spent a great deal of time justifying it before I got him to actually admit he said it.
Most of our conversation was full of his lies.  He wants to say I am a pedophile because of what happened over 40 years ago when I was a boy suffering a psychotic break from my own abuse…
He and his group of fellow Satanists want to present this as if it happened yesterday- but that is because this is the ONLY thing they can use against me as there is nothing else in my past- and you had better believe they have searched.
But it is like I’ve said- this all happened 40+ years ago when I was 13 (and I’ll be 54 this year) but he- as an adult- is arguing that sticking a penis in a baby’s mouth causes no neurological damage.
What kind of person argues such a thing?  But the bigger question at hand is how many times do you think he has experimented on babies with regards to his hypothesis?
He has interview after interview where he argues that the CIA doesn’t abduct children and yet Shane Bugbee- cofounder of the Satanic Temple- says he is working with them.
It was one of his main reasons in quitting.

He also tries to discredit what I’ve said about being attacked by our government’s “directed energy weapons”.  He misrepresents what I’ve said in the most pathetic of ways without offering ANY proof that I’ve said what he says I have.
The rocks that were strategically placed around my house in Algona WA were NOT magic- nor did I ever say they talked. These were pathetic attempts by Doug and either his CIA or Satanic buddies to discredit me.
THIS is what I’ve said about them in the past.
Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts ALL have laws on the books regarding these weapons- so obviously they are real.
And the black metallic mold I speak about I’ve since learned is called ” smart dust”, but since Mesner is claiming he isn’t working with the CIA- how would he know the validity of what I’m speaking about?
I mean really – when it comes to BOTH directed energy weapons and the CIA’s involvement with child trafficking- since he isn’t involved with them as he argues- how WOULD he know?
Therefore- regarding any of this-all he would have to offer is conjecture and opinions. And, as usual- his opinions would be uneducated at that.
Lastly, he claims I have come forward about my family being involved with child abductions and trafficking simply for attention and money. This is laughable.
I struggle to pay bills every month and have not even BEGUN to accrue anything near to what I spent on publishing Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story.
It isn’t ME who has been on national media outlets. It isn’t ME who spent 100,000 dollars on a devil statue. It isn’t ME who sued Netflix because of their unfavorable portrayal of Baphomet. And it isn’t me who is running a non for profit Satanist organization with secret money flowing through from his professed 10’s of 1000’s of world wide members.
No- that would be Doug Mesner(not his real name) aka Lucien Greaves (ALSO not his real name).
But then he lies. Was he really in Tacoma WA when I was being heavily attacked in Algona- a mere 23 miles away from him? Who knows- but it certainly ended our argument on Twitter abruptly.
All I know for certain is that those who have referred to him as a Sicko in the past- and they most definitely have- were seriously on point!
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