I Was Asked What I Think of Timothy Holmseth So Let’s Talk about Timothy Holmseth

Holmseth regards himself as an investigative journalist. I don’t know anything about him personally but I will share my insights of what I do know.



Holmseth contacted me several years back about what I knew about the abduction of Jacob Wetterling.
Despite everything that has happened- I still contend my dad was involved with Jacob Wetterling’s abduction.
Less than two weeks after I was interviewed on the John B. Wells show about what I knew about Wetterling’s abduction
They “solved” the decades old (27 years) cold case.
I say it that way because Danny Heinrich (their alleged perp) was already in prison, was never charged with Wetterling’s abduction, and the pics of the abductor changed 27 years after the fact- looking identical to how Heinrich looks today.
In fact it seemed he hadn’t aged in 27 yrs despite the fact he had been in prison for many of those years.
And it seems he was REALLY old looking back then.
Not to mention the details of the abduction changed- becoming ludicrous in the process- all of which I’ve detailed in YouTube videos.
Holmseth and I only spoke less than a handful of times- but in the course of those communications- he told me that in investigating what I told him- not only was Heinrich not prosecuted- but the remains that they “discovered” were not only NOT Jacob’s – they weren’t even human but instead animal remains.
It was around then we stopped talking however later on I was informed that his investigation had uncovered a child trafficking ring out of Broward County Florida.
This shouldn’t be surprising as Broward County is only 80 or so miles from Palm Beach Florida where Jeffery Epstein was doing HIS child trafficking thing- and it is pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that Epstein had some powerful friends in Florida considering the sweetheart deal not only he but ALL of his co conspirators got from Acosta and the government officials back when he was taken to court.
Suddenly- the same thing that happened to me happened to Holmseth as he was facing a protection order being taken out on him from a woman in Florida although Holmseth himself was in Minnesota.
Then he was accused of violating that order- just like me- although they succeeded in putting Holmseth in jail whereas they failed with that with regards to me.
But protection orders are what these people use in order to gag those who may expose them.
Now- who other but Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic temple and his cult are all over social media disparaging Holmseth and doing their absolute best to trash him personally to prevent anyone from listening to what he had uncovered.
They don’t EVER deal with what he was claiming but rather trash him personally- like claiming he is creepy looking.
They use everything BUT the facts to what he has claimed- identical to what I’ve experienced personally.
This is what I know- this group will do anything and everything to keep anyone from exposing any facts with regards to this child trafficking mess.
Untold numbers of people like Max Spiers, Isaac Kappy, several politicians- not to mention Jeffery Epstein himself- have all ended up dead.
Others- like Holmseth and myself- and MYRIADS of others- have been effectively silenced with Mesner (NOT his real name) aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple (again NOT his real name) and his cult members going all over social media and posting commentaries and videos disparaging all those who would speak out.
And being heavily involved with taking out protection orders- which you can see during the conversation I had with Mesner personally…
So what do I think? I think Holmseth’s allegations need to be listened to and looked into and Mesner and his groupies need to be investigated into WHY they and THEY ALONE are so invested in preventing that from happening.
It isn’t because Mesner is a self proclaimed Satanist but rather his ACTIONS as an individual- despite what he may or may not believe.
Mesner is in NO WAY a victim. But Holmseth- along with SO MANY others- most definitely are.
But what the real correlation between the two is needs to be determined.
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