I Believe Qanon is a CIA Operation. Here Is Why


I’ve spoken about my distrust about Qanon often but here is the main reason why I believe Qanon is a CIA operation.

Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple has spent his entire career discrediting victims who have come forward alleging being victims of satanic ritual abuse and yet has failed to say ANYTHING about Qanon.

His co founder of the Satanic Temple Shane Bugbee has said he quit because Mesner told him he was working with the CIA



I have been repeatedly attacked by Mesner and his minions.

The argument I got into with Mesner on Twitter

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

Was preceded by Shelby County Sheriff Donavan killing himself a week and a half later.

I can’t say for certain if his suicide is related but I figure if he was being blackmailed into doing something to me (and it WAS Donovan who went after me with my dogs), chances are if he choose death over what they had on him he wouldn’t have said what they had on him.

Then a week and a half after Donovan’s death the gas station across the street from my house blew up.

And the reason behind the first explosion was never able to be determined.

But I’ve spoken with several town folk and it seems, in my experience. That everyone keeps referring to it as “a bomb”.

But then there was a group of men across the street from the gas station the Sat before (the gas station blew up on Mon) between 2-3 am. My neighbors were woken up by them but they couldn’t see what they were doing.

But a day 1/2 later the gas station across from my house blew up and no one knows why. However- if the first explosion had brought down the side of the garage that faced my house- and it very well could have since that is where the first explosion happened (there were 2 explosions 10 minutes apart), the 300+ lb pieces of concrete that landed 9 blocks away in a field would have directly impacted my house.

Since I was home- chances are it would have killed me.

And why would they want me dead? Well- Qanon talks about victims of satanic ritual abuse and it is almost impossible to Google stuff like this and not have my name come up.

But there are no real victims associated with Qanon- which is another reason why I believe Qanon is a CIA distraction.

Now- this week- I got attacked by an anon on Twitter over me attacking my nephew 41 yrs ago when I was 13.

This is the LAST Time I Will Deal with What Happened 40 Years Ago With My Nephew

But this attack is hypocritical when you consider that at the end of my argument with Mesner he- as an adult- admits that he argues that sticking your dick in a baby’s mouth causes no neurological damage. As an adult. And THIS is who people like this anonymous account follow and support.

The question is what kind of man argues this? What kind of adult man? Who tries hard to lie about it when confronted (as you can see in our conversation) but then finally proudly admits it.

What I did at 13 kind of pales in comparison in my opinion.


So God only knows what they have planned now.

But they have broken into my house repeatedly, tried to poison my dogs three times, destroyed the generator to my house, hurt one of my dogs, and sent me countless death threats and threats in general (which my local police have).

Not to mention attacking me with their directed energy weapons which Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts have laws against and that the US Air Force told Congress in 2006 that they had and planned on using on American civilians to show the rest of the world they were safe…

So the fact that I am under incredible attack makes me convinced that the powers that be are NOT trying to help survivors of ritual abuse but rather are trying to shut us up.

And it is all being done by our own CIA.

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