This is the LAST Time I Will Deal with What Happened 40 Years Ago With My Nephew

I can not begin to describe how sick I am of dealing with what happened between my nephew and I 40 yrs ago when I was 13, but due to recent events- I’ll deal with it one more time on here so I can simply refer those who never seem to have all the facts to the truth back to this.

Yes- I DID attack my nephew when I was 13.

This happened after I was forced to light a man on fire when I was 10, which I have detailed in my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” .

Immediately after the attack, I tried to commit suicide so when the police came- so did the ambulance- for ME.

The Minnesota legal system did NOT charge me for the attack but rather ordered social services into my dad and stepmother’s house, determining that they suspected I was suffering through severe child abuse.

A month after this- I once again tried to commit suicide a week after I turned 14. The social worker who was involved in my case took me to a mental hospital where I spent five months after they determined I was suffering from a psychotic break.

Basically because I was convinced that I was destined to become the vessel of the AntiChrist and believed killing myself was the only way to prevent this.

I have never hid from what I did when I was 13 and it has been a cross for me to bear my whole life.  In fact, in 53 years of living, if I could go back in time and change only one event in my life- this situation would be the one I would change.

So when Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple and his groupies began to throw it in my face after learning about it from the very family members I had been trying to get investigated for their involvement with child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes, I decided to make a YouTube video dealing with the situation.

Since I was the one who made the video, I obviously have NOT tried to hide anything and have been more than forthcoming.

The Satanists who have been waging a war to discredit me for years edited my 10 minute video into a 1 minute segment and have posted it everywhere they can.

They have argued I show no contrition in the video- which IS true- but I didn’t make the video for anyone in my family but rather for Doug Mesner and his groupies- who I have ZERO respect for. 

Why I need to feel the need to show contrition for a group of self proclaimed Satanists who were neither there, involved, or affected in ANY way, shape, or form with what happened and who are only using what happened 40 years ago to try and discredit me to try and prevent anyone from investigating my allegations that my family was involved with abducting, raping, and killing children IS and ALWAYS WILL BE beyond me.

This group was not and IS NOT looking for justice for my nephew or anything so nobel but rather want to use it to discredit and vilify me in order to prevent anyone from listening to me about the crimes my family was involved with.

In fact they have absolutely NO concern for my nephew or family who would rather leave this in the past- since it happened DECADES ago and we have ALL tried to move past this.

More so, they have NO concern for the humiliation they have caused my nephew as an adult who feels that THEY are now violating him and is concerned that HIS children will find their myriads of posts and in turn be hurt by what happened so many years ago.

This group of Satanists- who I basically refer to as the “pedophile protection squad” , are solely interested in protecting the group of child rapists and child killers I had to suffer through as a child.  

In fact Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple actually posted a conference he did on YouTube where he laughed about Brice Taylor, declaring she was wrong and that “sticking a penis in a baby’s mouth causes no long-standing neurological damage” .

This argument, in my opinion, is sick and perverted beyond words yet THIS is the group those who are gossiping about this are supporting, despite their convictions of their own self piety and self righteousness.

Jesus said that most who will find themselves in the Darkness will do so because of their own tongues. To gossip is to break the 9th Commandment and to break one is akin to breaking them all.

And personally I don’t give a DAMN about those who victim shame. I have made the police take my DNA- I have done everything I can to bring justice to what my family has done, and if you are more concerned about what happened 40 years ago when I was a horribly abused 13 year old child rather than the group of abusers who hurt me and SO MANY other children- I say you can go straight to hell.

Knowing you will end up there eventually anyway.

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