So Here Is the History Qanon Never Talks About

I have been asked why I believe that our government would be after me. Why would I, an unknown nobody, be targeted?

The issue is that I know the history of Franklin Credit in Omaha, NE in the 80s on a personal level. The REAL history- not the “official” bs story that has been offered for decades, and I have spent decades trying to expose the truth.

A key figure in what happened- a man Qanon NEVER speaks about- is Col. Michael Aquino- founder of The Temple of Set, a “Satanic” sect.

He began as a co-founder of the Church of Satan with Anton Lavey but they parted ways in the early 70s. You see, Lavey began his Satanic experiment as a way to mock Christianity whereas Aquino became a full fledged Luciferian.

The difference is that Satanists don’t really believe in anything- which is why they generally refer to themselves as “atheists” – although the fact they call themselves Satanists kind of negates their disbelief, whereas Luciferians however believe in the AntiChrist and a war with Heaven, which they believe they can win.

Lavey was a Satanist. Aquino is a Luciferian.

Aquino was not only implicated in the McMartin case but also in the Presideo child abuse case, just to name two.

In fact he has been called out a myriad of times by hundreds of victims but has NEVER been investigated due to reasons of “national security”, although what child rape and trafficking, not to mention murder (which he has been called out for) has to do with national security is a good question.

After the Franklin Credit scandal started to hit national news in the late 80s, (news reports you can read in my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story”), claiming the child trafficking was directly related to the Republican party and the Regan/Bush White House, Aquino hit the talk show circuit with an FBI guy by the name of Ted Gunderson.

Their shtick was going on TV where Aquino claimed he was being discriminated against for his “Satanic” beliefs while wearing an idiotic Merlin type outfit while Gunderson acted like a bumbling FBI idiot who went out of his way to present conspiracy filled arguments that completely discredited the whole child trafficking issue.

At the same time this was happening, a group of rich white parents who had been called out by their own children for committing ritual abuse on their own children began on organization called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, where they gave us the two phrases  “satanic panic” and “false memories”.

The only member who WASN’T an accused parent was a man named Ralph Underwager who did an interview with Padika magazine where he extolled the virtues of pedophilia.

Ralph Underwager- Another False Memory Foundation Pedophile and his Paidika Interview

The AG at the time, working for George Bush Sr. was none other than our current AG today- William Barr. He was the one who made all this child trafficking issues go away in the 80s and early 90s.

Which is interesting considering he is the one making the Epstein mess fade away. No one knows why he went to the jail Epstein was housed at two weeks before Epstein died or how he determined that it was a suicide by viewing video footage from two cameras he himself reported as broken when it happened.

An interesting side note to all this is that Seth Rich was FROM Omaha, and considering that Omaha has always been a small “cow town”, LOTS of people know what was going on there when the Franklin case broke open, which would give the Republicans more reason to kill Rich than the Democrats.

Chances are very good Rich Knew the truth about Franklin.

Which may explain why the Republicans came out IMMEDIATELY after Seth Rich’s murder claiming that the Democrats were behind it, especially considering many of the Republicans who were in power back then are STILL in power today.

In my personal experience with Omaha and this mess concerning child abductions and trafficking – which you can read in what I originally wrote before it became Rabbit Hole- which I entitled “Confessions of an AntiChrist”

Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist

It is my contention that Qanon is nothing more than a continuation of the same psych op that began with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which is why Aquino’s name has never been mentioned and why NO real victims are involved with it.

It is ALSO the reason why no one knows who “Q” even is although members have been given special visits to the Trump White House.

It isn’t like Democrats weren’t involved however, which is why I find Barney Frank pushing the Democrats to use the phrase “pay the price” regarding this impeachment mess so amusing as you only need to research his past to see the irony of this.

Basically what I see happening now is that once again the gang’s all here- doing their best to reenact what they did back in the 80s.

However, history never repeats itself the same way and the Internet has changed everything.

And I’m not going to stop doing whatever I can to expose this mess as I know the real truth AND the real history.

Which is why I know that our government is doing it’s best to shut me down.

Considering all of the death threats I have received, which the police have, it isn’t much of a leap in my opinion.

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