Recently My House Was Broken Into and One of My Dogs Was Hurt

The attacks against me are ongoing and recently my house was broken into and one of my dogs was hurt.

It looks as if someone kicked her considering the bruising under her back leg and the abrasions on her stomach.

She is now also terrified to go downstairs and I have to carry her down the steps to eat and go outside. 

It is truly sad as she is the most loving and gentle of dogs.

I am still involved with a court case where I am fighting with the town I live in who is basically using my dogs in order to force me to sell my house and move out of town or get rid of them despite the fact they are my emotional support animals.

Whoever broke into my house and hurt my dog is a pathetic piece of shit. And they better hope I don’t find out who they are considering that animal cruelty is now a federal crime and you can be sure I would so press charges.

And breaking and entering is obviously a crime. But then this is by far not the first time. The last time they did it they destroyed my house generator when I had my house up for sale.

I know there is a special place in Hell waiting for this group and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

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