The Recent Attack Against Me Was Breaking into My House and Hurting One of My Dogs

So very recently someone broke into my house and hurt one of my dogs. They didn’t take anything so I have to wonder what they were doing but in the process they kicked one of my dogs, causing her to loose her bowels in the house repeatedly when she has never done this before.

And they left a nasty bruise and lacerations on her belly.

She is now terrified to go downstairs- so I have to carry her down to eat and go to the bathroom. It is one thing to go after me- but to hurt a defenseless loving animal is a special kind of despicable pathetic behavior.

Whoever is doing this is obviously in my neighborhood as strangers would be noticed coming and going in my tiny town.

When I first moved into town- the Satanists who have been harassing me for years now told me they were set up in my town before I got there. Considering they would tell me things that were going to happen a day before they actually did it wasn’t that difficult to see they were telling me the truth.

Either that or they were the best psychics since Nostradamus.

So in the two years I’ve Lived in Iowa- someone has repeatedly broken into my house, tried to poison my dogs three times, I’ve gotten myriads of death threats in emails- all of which have been forwarded to the police, and I’ve been attacked 24/7 by their directed energy weapons.

When I put my house up for sale- they broke in, took the key to my generator and destroyed it in hopes of preventing me from selling my house- which worked. I didn’t sell the house.

And as usual the police haven’t done anything- or can’t. Who knows.  All I know is that they have me trapped and are making mine and my dogs lives a living Hell. 

All because I tried to get my family investigated for their involvement with child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes against humanity during Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80s and onward.

Those who are helping these child killers are just as low as the sick fucks they are helping- and there is a special place in Hell waiting for this despicable group and their followers/enablers.

Being a child killer is bad enough but enabling and helping child killers takes a certain kind of loser that stands out among all others. Pathetic pieces of shit- and that’s doing shut a disservice. 

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