Looking Back As My Life As a Whistle Blower

This Friday I turn 53 and it is often a time I look back at my life and reflect. (It is also a time where my nightmares come back full force as I relive my childhood at night when I’m asleep).

I have done everything I can think of to get my parents investigated for my family’s involvement with child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes.

I went to Nebraska State Patrolman cold case detective John Pankonin and had him take my DNA to compare to cold cases- specifically the murder of Ricky Chaddick- to see if my dad or brother were involved.

The result? Well, other than Detective Pankonin’s sister befriending my sister and I- absolutely NOTHING happened- despite the fact that Ricky’s family vacationed at Silver Lake, Minnesota where my father and stepmother had their OWN place there.

My Exchange with Nebraska State Patrol Cold Case Detective John Pankonin about the Ricky Chadek Murder

I went to every local media outlet and was continuously met with two words- “career killer”.

I then wrote and published “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story”, where I received a nomination for book of the year. I also began a blog-


where I have detailed everything I have tried to do and have gone through as a result.

I have contacted the national media, the Department of Justice, and have personally filed a report at the Seattle FBI office. Again- I have gotten nowhere.

During all this- I made YouTube videos and did countless interviews.

The most notable was on the John B Wells show “Caravan to Midnight” where I detailed my dad’s involvement with the Jacob Wetterling case- a 28 year old cold case.

The result of this interview was that LESS than two weeks after this interview an unsolvable 28 year old case was “solved” with a perp who was already in prison, a confession although the case wasn’t prosecuted, and a body although an investigative journalist by the name of Timothy Holmseth reported that the remains were not even human.

Throughout this- I have been attacked and threatened by Satanists. While living in Seattle, I had a protection order taken out on me in Kent, Washington. In the complaint, 15 or so videos were listed that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the petitioners but rather ONLY and SOLELY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

Funny- later a protection order was taken out on Timothy Holmseth by someone who lives in Broward County in Florida despite the fact that Holmseth lives in Minnesota. This whole protection order scam is an extremely effective way to silence those they deem a threat.

There are a myriad of videos stating 1/2 truths and outright lies about me in order to discredit me and prevent anyone from listening to my allegations about my family. The majority of which are connected to Satanists and those who have sent me threats- most esp death threats.

The police where I live now have the large amounts of threats I have received and have had to file a felony burglary and criminal mischief report after my home was broken into and my house generator was destroyed. Included in those threats were death threats.

Despite everything, I don’t regret doing what I have. My faith in God compels me to stand against evil and to try and make right the damage and pain my family has caused.

However, I have NO faith in mankind. Q Anon, in my opinion,  is a psych op. I have argued with people connected to this lunacy and they have no idea who the key players are- like Col. Michael Aquino. This whole “Have patience and trust in the plan” is nothing more than a way to stop anyone from actually doing anything to try and stop this child trafficking mess.

No one even knows who is behind Q Anon- and although back in the 80s it was the CIA group the False Memory Foundation that gave us the two phrases “satanic panic” a “false memories”, this group’s egos keep them from ever considering that the CIA might be doing the same thing now.

Esp when you consider Jeffery Epstein. It has never been explained what AG Barr was doing at the prison two or so weeks before Epstein died- or how he concluded Epstein killed himself by watching film footage from two cameras he first reported were broken.

But considering AG Barr was AG for George Bush Sr. when he made both the child trafficking mess in the 80s as well as the Iran/Contra scandal go away- it isn’t a big leap to consider he is doing the same now.

I’m not sure what is going to happen in the future- or how long I have in this life. But what I DO know is that when I come  face to face with my maker, I’ll be able to say I tried to make things right.

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