The Omaha World Herald Publishes an Article Concerning These Microwave Weapons

The Omaha World Herald published an article about the attacks on officials at the Cuban Embassy that was written by the Washington Post.

The symptoms were as follows:

“Hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, visual difficulties, headaches and fatigue, as well as cognitive, balance and sleeping difficulties”

The exact same symptoms both my sister and I have been experiencing.

The media pretends they have no idea what could have caused these attacks despite the fact that in 2006 NBC reported that our US Air Force reported to Congress that they had these microwave weapons- called DEW, (directed energy weapons), and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

Considering that was in 2006 and it is 2019 and they are still a secret- and the attacks seem to be referred to as if they are magic, they aren’t safe.

Esp. considering the lasting medical effects that have been determined by the Cuban embassy workers.

My sister and I are being attacked because of all we know about the events in Omaha that culminated into what is known as the Franklin Credit scandal.

Basically because many of the same people who were involved back then are involved with this Jeffery Epstein case.

In fact, this case with Epstein is just a continuation of what was happening back in the 60s-80s in Omaha.

However- just like they have concerning these DEW weapons, the media has decided to keep this correlation secret.

So they are torturing my sister and I with their weapon to keep us from trying to expose our family’s involvement with child abductions and trafficking that was a large part of what was happening in Omaha.

Because that is what their DEW weapons are- torture machines- that they willingly use on anyone they consider a threat. Instrumented by our own CIA- who have ALWAYS been involved with the nefarious atrocities that our government have perpetrated. 

They want to shut us up in any way they can.

So they pay people to help them. Those who are around us, as it is no secret that many people will do just about anything for money.

And it isn’t just my sister and I as 1000s of people have claimed they have been attacked by these weapons.

The very people our AIR Force told Congress they were going to attack with these weapons to show the rest of the world they were safe.

While our media pretends to remain clueless, despite the fact there are laws on the books in Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts.

The truth is out there, despite how hard our government and media outlets are trying to keep the truth from everyone.

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