The CIA is Involved with Shutting Anyone Who is Trying to Expose this Child Trafficking Down

The CIA’s MO is always the same.

They make videos and go all over social media trashing a person in order to defame them.

I certainly have been a victim of this- although most if not all have been made by those directly connected with Satanism.

Then they take out protection orders- as they did with me. Of course every video (and there were about 15 listed) that was taken out in Kent, WA had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves- the founder of the Satanic Temple- except for a couple that dealt with Donald Trump. 

Then policeman Ryan Miller of the Algona WA police dept filed a complaint in Pacific WA that I had violated it. He was fresh out of the military and brand new on the force and I was told by the Algona police dept he had been given complete jurisdiction over everything that had to do with me.

Timothy Holmseth is another example of this “game” .

Living in Minnesota he was investigating a child trafficking ring in Broward County, Florida after getting involved with the Jacob Wetterling case. Broward County is right next door to Palm Beach County- where Jeffery Epstein was running a child trafficking ring.

Someone there took out an order on him and while he was in jail- they claimed he violated the order.

It effectively shut him completely up.

These are just two examples of something that is happening over and over to myriads of people.

Shane Bugbee, co founder of the Satanic Temple, claimed Messer was working with the CIA. And Master’s followers certainly have been after me.

You just have to go to YouTube to see this. Type in my name.

Why me?

Because of everything I know about what happened in Omaha concerning Franklin Credit.

A situation that is almost identical to what we are just beginning to watch unfold with this case concerning Jeffery Epstein.

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