What I Know About These Directed Energy Weapons

In the time that I have been attacked by these directed energy weapons- this is what I know.

These weapons prevent one from being able to sleep. Years ago- I made a video talking about not being able to sleep for three weeks when I was being attacked. This is that video…

At the same time this was happening, I discovered that the President of Iran- Mahmud Ahmadinejed- was experiencing the same thing. He had been unable to sleep and was so weak that he needed help to walk- so before I decided to go to the hospital I went online and found the email of every Iranian official I could find and emailed them- explaining what I knew and alerting them as to what to look for- as they seem to need fairly close proximity in order to use their directed energy weapon.

A week after I got out of the hospital it was reported on the news that Iran had found and executed a spy.

Suddenly Mahmud Ahmadinejed was fine- as he still is today. Coincidence? Maybe- but if what I reported helped it would suggest Iran is well aware of a weapon that our government pretends doesn’t exist.

But then that is difficult when NBC reported that the Air Force told Congress about the fact that they had this weapon in 2006 and that were planning to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe. Not to mention the official Air Force documentation.

Before this last attack that began last March in 2017- I interviewed a targeted individual who’s name is Spence Everson who detailed what he knows about these weapons. Here is that interview…

Last April and May – I lost over a hundred pounds. However I was told to look for rocks in my yard. At first I believed this to be ridiculous but after being pushed to do so – I discovered that twelve large rocks had been planted in my yard. I had mowed this yard for three years and knew these rocks had been placed in my yard as they hadn’t existed before.

Mesner and his band will dismiss this- claiming they were talking rocks- but it wasn’t the rocks that were the issues but rather the mold that was on the upside of the rocks that were above ground.

I found this SAME grayish black mold on the top of the vents of an air conditioner in my bedroom- although it was neither on the bottom of the vents nor was it inside the air conditioner itself but looked as if it had been painted on.

After discovering this- I was no longer being microwaved and gained the weight back almost immediately.

These weapons are being used to murder people quietly- giving people heart attacks, strokes, and probably cancer. This is far to much power in the hands of murderous cut throats who are using them to further their dark agendas.

Our American govt holds every patent to these weapons- and claiming they are a conspiracy theory doesn’t work considering their own documentation.

They claimed they were going to show the rest of the world they are safe but skip to 2012 when Aaron Alexis- known as the “shipyard shooter” carved ELF- which stands for electro low frequency – on his rifle before murdering a bunch of people – safe is NOT what I would call them.

Maybe that is why – despite everything – they are still considered a conspiracy.

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