Sheva Burton Working With Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves (Who Has CIA Connections) to Constantly Attack Me on Twitter

Honestly- I have no idea who this Sheva person is, although she claims that I have published lies about her on my blog even though this is the first time I have ever mentioned her here. She is promoting Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves twitter remarks when she isn’t posting 20 of her own a day about me and when they aren’t claiming I am crazy- they are ripping apart every spelling error I make (and I do make mistakes- thank God for spell check). So let me deal with this accordingly.

First off- Sheva Burton is connected to the UK’s Hampstead case- but now she is doing her best to promote some guy named Arthur Kaoutal as a legitimate ritual abuse survivor, although why is someone in the UK so well informed about an Australian survivor? The problem with Arthur is that he is a convict- is well known to ingest ICE- (which is the smoke able form or meth, which I didn’t know and had to ask what ICE was), and most importantly- he claims he is the Second Coming of Christ. So this little group goes all over Twitter and everywhere else that they can think of claiming I am crazy- but THIS guy, well, they, if you will excuse the pun- take everything he has to say as gospel. But after posting this, I was informed her real name is Susan Mellrose.

Sheva (Susan Mellrose) and her little group support and defend Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves, who is going on and on about how crazy I am. However- I am not the one who bilked 100,000 dollars out of people to build an 8 foot devil statue that no one wants. They intended to put it side by side with the 10 Commandments in Oklahoma City- but Oklahoma City decided to TAKE DOWN the 10 Commandments instead of allowing it to go up at their state capitol. This is also the guy who did some weird ceremony on a relative of the Westboro Baptist Church minister wearing horns on his head- and then pulled out his privates and allowed everyone to take a picture of him doing it. But he says that I am crazy- Strange how that works.

I googled his name and discovered that the guy has a huge list of enemies- who are all claiming the same things that I have. That he is doing what he is doing for attention and money. But the most interesting post comes from one of his best friends- or was- by the name of Shane Bugbee. He says that Doug told him that the CIA approached him and that he is probably working with them. Now Doug has repeatedly scoffed at this- saying that it is a joke- but when one of your best friends is saying it- it is kind of hard to discredit. Here is the quote- and the link that quote can be found on…

“I recall Doug Mesner telling me the C.I.A. had asked him to write some private reports for them, maybe in my most paranoid state I could run with and ramble about the possibilities there… More likely, The Satanic Temple is just the act of a group of social and career climbers using slick psychological marketing tricks in the tradition of Edward Bernays to meet their ends. But at the least, I think anyone could question and everyone should question the intent of a guy from wealth and without ties to the occult as to why he has decided to fund a Satanic religion while pulling the strings of a guy who has such a brilliant mind, who has studied the science of the mind at one of the top learning facilities in the world, and maybe, just maybe you could come up with the same conclusion I have, that The Satanic Temple has ulterior motives above and beyond helping mankind or making a movie.” Shane Bugbee

So claiming that the CIA is behind trying to discredit this whole ritual abuse of children issue comes clearer- esp. when you realize that the people who are up front and center are all involved with them. I am sure that Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves will say that everyone is lying and that he is the one telling the truth- but it seems to me that where there is smoke there is generally fire- and when your BEST FRIEND is the one who is saying it- that should be considered.

The rest are links to other complaints about Doug- and none of them too friendly. He will probably claim- like Michael Aquino- that he is being targeted because of his “religious beliefs” but really, that sounds like a cop out. He also is claiming that I am obsessed with his privates- that is why I keep bringing it up- but they are so SMALL. Why would anyone want him, or obsess about his small package? The ego of this guy is INTENSE.

Here are those links. I am sure Doug will claim that they are all lies- but coming from so many directions- one has to question how honest the little Satanist- AND I DO MEAN LITTLE- is being.

Offender Connection Exposed
From the desk of Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik PhD
Founder Temples of Satan and Leader of Theistic Satanism

Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves: the huckster behind the Harvard Black Mass and similar shams

No Title… **The language in this piece is harsh- so beware**

There are more- but I felt that this was enough. The post from his best friend is the most damning of them all anyway….










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