Regarding the Claims that I Am a Stalker

These “people” will stop at nothing to attack and discredit me so now they are claiming I stalk women because of something that was written about me concerning Pat Goodwin. She didn’t write it but still it is being used against me.

First off, I didn’t stalk her on the internet or otherwise and in fact she gave me a key to her house. Pat and I worked together extensively on Amazon fighting this group of pedophile protectors in comment sections, and I actually lived with her for three months. We ended up having a falling out (as friends sometimes do) and that was when the letter that this group is using against me was written.

The thing is that AFTER this letter was written, Pat Goodwin came to my house and asked if I would help out with her with her conference that her company Ivory Garden held in Seattle that October. Which I did. However this group that is calling me out completely fails to mention this. They claim I am a dangerous stalker (although THEY are the ones attacking me all over the internet) but fail to mention that afterwards, Pat Goodwin HERSELF asked me to work at her three day conference- which I did.

These people will use any lie they can to discredit me and prevent people from listening to me although they claim they can not be held accountable for their lies and manipulations. This is just ONE MORE example of this.

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