The Biggest Difference between the Hampstead Ritual Child Abuse Case in the UK, and the Hollie Greig Ritual Child Abuse Case In the UK, IS that People Aren’t All Ending Up Dead or In Jail

Everything pisses me off about this whole new campaign to try and suppress allegations that there is an elite group of pedophiles making inordinate amounts of money on the buying and selling of children. The exact same allegations that our nation’s are facing NOW are exactly like the first types of allegations that came out BEFORE back in the 80’s when this first got exposed both in the US and the UK. In fact these exact same allegations are, once again, emerging in mass TODAY in the UK, although the same people involved with the cover up before are insisting that there still isn’t any evidence of such crimes and insist that they aren’t covering anything up this time either- despite the overwhelming evidence that points completely opposite. EVERYONE knows- without a doubt- that the UK covered up their “little child sexual abuse problem” in the 80’s and both the UK as well as the US clamped down hard and suppressed and completely controlled any conversation regarding these allegations and have done so for the last 30+ years. But a huge well organized and well funded pedophile ring is really the only thing that really explains why an astronomical amount of children are disappearing globally each year, and why so many others are reporting horrific abuse.

Now the UK is being fed this Hampstead case and are taking two really beautiful ARYAN children, who are really- truly- telling us the truth in dealing with their deplorable and extreme abuse- explained through their child’s perspective who have basically had every person in their young lives wanting to fuck them- literally as well as figuratively- whose abusers as well as people who are posing as their supporters are now parading around like some circus come to town, once again being used for whatever needs and purposes these parasites see fit. It stands alone from the rest of the other the 19 cases however, in that it is the only one who has its own opposing websites, and has the media focus that is has and has had for some time now. As far as a media campaign- I have to say it is top notch- cause who doesn’t love a couple of beautiful white kids to draw our attention. This case has been manipulated by so many people, in so many angles, and made out to be such a joke -that the public has lost all site concerning the specifics about all of the other cases.

Without a doubt- this whole Hampstead Child Abuse case has become the UK’s media’s poster child when dealing with these issues, but since there are 19 or so other cases to choose from, I would like to offer my suggestion for what other abused child could be used as a poster child instead- who might represent all of the other cases whose experiences of coming forward and reporting child abuse whose lives and life experiences afterward have become vastly different afterwards, and are a sharp contrast to the circus the Hampstead case has become. I would like to nominate Hollie Greig, the little girl with Down Syndrome who bravely came forward alone and told how she was being ritually abused in the most horrible ways who also somehow, miraculously I guess, became infected with an STD. As a result of Hollie’s bravery, her family has been jailed, threatened, and suppressed to be silent in such ways that it boggles the mind. Just like all of the others like her.

Now, I was just informed that this poor child- Hollie Greig- the brave little girl with Down syndrome who came forward so bravely and at such a young age to tell the truth, I guess her mother’s brother was just murdered- burned to death in a car. Murdered- wow what a coincidence. Considering that the Hollie Greig case is the case no one wants anyone else to focus on- compared to the Hampstead case- who has a parade with a myriad of its own websites dedicated to it and tons of Facebook pages dedicated to either dismissing it and all of the other cases proceeding it as a complete and utter hoax or the complete opposite, whos members are vigilantly promoting it with a frantic and often unbalanced fervor. The main difference between the Hampstead case and all of the rest though is that people aren’t getting murdered in an attempt to suppress the information concerning them. We are watching a sad and very obvious cover up once again and yet the public is just supposed to believe the very same people who covered it up in the first place couldn’t possibly be behind all the murders and deaths that are connected to every one of the other cases except Hampstead . Hollie Greig- who just had her uncle murdered in a blatant attempt to silence her and her mother- her mother who is, right now, out of jail for whisleblowing- which coincidently happens to all of the whistleblowers in all of the other children’s cases –( that they all seem to end up either dead or in jail)-is the reason I believe that Holly Greig is a perfect and shining example of what happens to all of the children and their parents in the UK who report such abuse and what their lives in the UK become as a result of it. I can’t imagine how Holly must be thinking and feeling right now- grieving for her murdered uncle, and all the grief of those around her that also loved him, and it was only because she did something so simple as telling the truth. And that truth was simply that she was being horribly abused.

No, Hollie’s case is not as glamorous as the Hampstead case. It doesn’t make you think of smoking pot and women in bikinis, or a bad boy ex-felon boyfriend, nor does it offer the incredible intrigue that the UK courts and the entire UK media have made of the Hampstead case who have all made it out to be THE focus case for all of their child abuse allegations – but Hollie’s case- her’s stands as the dark and ugly TRUTH that has become the reality for everyone else who has found themselves and their lives wrapped up with this. The Hollie Greig case alone shows that another cover up is taking place where honest and innocent people are dying in order to keep the fact that is an elite group of pedophiles who are raping, selling, and killing the population’s children quiet. As they did back in the 80’s, the first time all of this, with the exact set of issues, became an issue. The same time they covered it up last time.

Here is the face of an incredibly brave and wonderful little girl- Hollie Greig
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