The Case of Hollie Greig that the Hampstead Case is Desperately Being Used to Distract From

The Hollie Greig case is one where a little girl with Down Syndrome who spoke of being ritually abused (exactly the same way the Hampstead children have spoken about) who miraculously came down with an STD. (Like many of the children did in the US who ALSO spoke of the same types of abuse in the 80’s). Here is a synopsis of her case…

Hollie Greig case summary (written by one of the Hollie supporters):

Hollie G. Summary:

1. Hollie Greig made serious allegations of child sex abuse to Aberdeen Police in 2000 and named 22 alleged abusers and 7 alleged victims (in addition to herself). The alleged abusers include social workers, a judge, (the boyfriend of Elish Angolini, who went on to become Scotlands Procurer Fiscal; a senior police forensics officer (since deceased) (was his career helpful re. removing the evidence and person of Roy Greig?) and two Head Teachers.

2. Until now the Aberdeen Police have refused to interview more than at most 2 of the 22 named suspects and none of the 7 victims named by Hollie. H. first disclosed her abuse when her and her mum took flight to a woman’s refuge leaving the abusive father. Initially, she just named dad and brother and full statements were taken. These two were not arrested and fled abroad to Portugal. Robert G. found later, a document that proved that police had their names as paedophiles all along. They were never even though they were in an area near to Maddie mcann’s disappearance they were never pursued.

A short while later , H. named all the other abusers and came out with more and more info. A few days after full statements were taken, 10 police/ psych nurses turned up on her doorstep to forcibly inject and section Anne kidnapping her and taking her to a local hospital. Hollie was taken into care . She was clever enough to ring an independent psychiatrist when she came round who pronounced her totally sane. She got out and managed to get Hollie back.

3. No one was interviewed and no property was seized or searched. There was NO effort to properly and thoroughly investigate Hollie Greig’s allegations is despite the fact that 2 medical doctors and 2 clinical psychologists have examined her and their findings have supported her allegations that she was sexually abused.

Furthermore, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority examined Hollie’s allegations, accepted that she had been abused and awarded her £13,500 in compensation for this.

4. All that Robert Green has been campaigning for is for the Aberdeen Police to properly and thoroughly investigate Hollie Greig’s allegations – that is their job and their duty, especially given the sheer gravity of Hollie’s allegations.

5. For his campaigning Robert Green has been arrested by the Aberdeen Police at least 3 times so far.. he was denied a human right to have the defence Barristers he needs to defend himself and to have the Legal Aid he urgently needs to hire them.

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