Reading the Comments on This Morning

I checked out this morning and would like to talk about my impressions of the conversation that are being had.

First off, they are still referring to me as He Who Should Not Be Named. This is being done so that they can dismiss me and what I am saying- without letting anyone know who I am. God knows they don’t want anyone going to my site and seeing for themselves what I am saying. So they use this name so that they can talk shit about me without worrying that they are sending people to me so that they can see what I am saying for themselves.

The same thing goes for their comments about Fiona Barnett’s and my last interview. They are only complaining that I “yelled” over Fiona- and saying that I was only about “me, me, me.” Not one comment is being said about exactly WHAT I said- just how they perceived me saying it. This is done purposely- as they want to discredit me as much as they can personally- but they go out of their way to avoid bringing up my points. What I SAID doesn’t matter- what they are claiming about who they think I AM is what they find important. But for those of you who want to know what I said- you can easily listen to the interview here…

Of course- this website concerning Hampstead (and I believe there are at least THREE of them dedicated to this case) are ALSO now bashing Fiona. They are claiming that she is crazy and that she is a liar and not to be trusted. Of course- they do this with EVERY REAL SURVIVOR. Their attempts to trash this Hampstead child abuse case is just indicative of what they do with EVERY case that ANY survivor reports. We are ALL liars- and they- who are dismissing the 1000’s of people who have come forward claiming that these exact types of allegations, are the only ones who are IN THE KNOW and TELLING THE TRUTH. Of course, they never deal with any of the FACTS of any of the cases but rather, they just trash the PERSON’S who have come forward. Like Hollie Greig- the little girl with Down Syndrome who came forward speaking about abuse and miraculously became infected with an STD. She is a LIAR- whose parents are evil and simply looking for attention. Why do we know this? Well, for the simple fact that those like the ones who are connected with Hoaxtead- TOLD US SO THEMSELVES. Anonymous trolls who no one knows said it- so we are supposed to just dismiss the facts and focus on their opinions. And their opinion is like it is regarding EVERY case of EVERY child that comes forward with these types of allegations- that they are ALL liars who are ALL seeking attention. Just like it has been stated about EVERY child, even though there are easily 1000’s, who have come forward.

So what do these Hoaxtead people think the remedy of all of this is? Well- they believe that society should JAIL THE WHISTLEBLOWERS and leave the accused pedophiles alone, because THEY are the real victims in all of this. Not the children like Hollie Greig- who got an STD from her abuse- they should all be disbelieved and thrown in jail. Why? Because they are all just liars who are looking for attention. It doesn’t matter that there are 1000’s of children like her- or that they are all claiming the same types of abuse-and that it has been proven that there was a cover up in the UK concerning all of these types of allegations in the 80’s- there is simply no evidence that they are telling the truth. Because a bunch of anonymous trolls- who are SOLEY focused on the discrediting the Hampstead case but haven’t seen fit to organize and develop several websites for any of the other cases (And the three I can name off the bat for the Hampstead case is HampsteadResearch, DearmanDoesHampstead, and SAY that all of these cases are false. And if they prove Hampstead is false- with their social media campaign and all of the other efforts they are doing in the courts and UK mass media- then that will prove that ALL OF THE OTHER CASES- that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with the Hampstead case- will be proven false by default. Why? Because these anonymous trolls- who seem obsessed with all of these cases- SAY THEY ARE. And this will not only prove that children aren’t being sold and raped and ritually abused in the UK- but this case will be the example of how the myriad of allegations ALL OVER THE REST OF THE WORLD- are false.

It is telling that Hoaxtead is now directly attacking Fiona Barnett, and people such as Brian Gerrish- the UK Column guy who is the only one involved in the UK media who has been brave enough to take on this issue, because they are INVOLVED with the facts, and KNOW the facts, and aren’t being led by the nose by this Hampstead campaign to dismiss every allegation on the merits of JUST ONE CASE. But Hoaxtead wants people to believe that all of these people are crazy- and that THEY are the only ones in the KNOW- who are telling the truth. And their truth is simply that the 1000’s of children who have come forward are ALL LIARS and that THEY, this little band of anonymous trolls, are the only ones telling the truth. Of course- this group NEVER deals with what these people are presenting- but rather are always SOLELY focused on trying to trash them as individuals. NEVER MIND what we are all saying- just focus on WHO THEY CLAIM WE ARE as individuals. But again- these cases are about the FACTS- and not about the INDIVIDUALS who have presented these facts. Saying that 1000’s of children are all liars simply because they have reported abuse this group is asserting DOESN’T AND NEVER HAS EXISTED is a blanket statement- and when looked at as a whole- seems manipulative and dismissive, and one has to ask themselves why. Because the question remains- if these types of claims were so bogus and such lies back in the 80’s- why was there a need to cover all of them up in the first place? As we now all know they did.

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