Hollie Greig , is wanted for treasonous crimes against the whole of humanity. She has been determined to be the mastermind behind this villainous plot to start a moral panic against a group that is once again being called out as elite pedophiles who are involved in some supposed huge, organized, and well-funded ring that are committing serious crimes against children. It is believed that she is mirroring an event that happened back in the 80’s, when the same type of false allegations were used on both sides of the ocean to try and do the same thing. We have determined that it makes no difference that this all started when she was a child, and we have concluded that we can completely dismiss the fact that she does, in fact, have Down Syndrome, so it has been decided by us that she has, in fact, been plotting and masterminding this crime against humanity from the very beginning. If you become in contact with either her or anyone in her family, DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING THEY SAY. We have anonymous sources that have told us that this camp is a group of highly accomplished con artists and you must not listen to or in any way believe a word they say- as they are all masters at the art of deception. This most assuredly also goes for their leader- Hollie Greig. If encountered, ALWAYS call for back up- as Hollie Greig and her gang are known to us to be highly trained and incredibly violent. We believe Hollie Greig has been plotting this from the very beginning- and that she is very determined to overthrow her government with her lies and manipulations regarding being severely abused in unimaginable ways as a child. She is cunning, she is evil, and she must be stopped at all costs. This picture is of Hollie Greig back when she first began planning this most evil and perilous plot- and we ask you- DOES THIS NOT LOOK LIKE THE EPITOME OF EVIL TO YOU?


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