Ella Gareeva and Her Involvement with the Cult in Hampstead London

So Ella ( the Hampstead children’ s mother) has an older son James whose father supposedly works for the cult. If this is the case, then Ella can’t feign the ignorance concerning the cult she has, claiming it was her repeated ex felon boyfriend’s three month involvement with her and the children that alerted her to what was going on. But her oldest son James DIRECTLY contradicts this. It is interesting, don’ t you think – that this key piece of information has been left out of the public discourse by both the “good guys” and the bad.

It has been claimed I don’t believe the children. This is false. But they are children. Even though I believe them, I ALSO realize that they are children. And although I do not believe they were coached with regards to their allegations, I can’t negate the fact that they might have been told what NOT to say. It has been pointed out repeatedly that the children said nothing bad about their mom or Abe but the fact is- these two were the ones who filmed the videos and it was Abe who was directing the questions. What child EVER is going to speak out about adults when the adults are standing right there with the children filming them? It is possible the children either DIDN’T KNOW or they were too afraid to say anything. Either way they are children and are certainly not to be considered infallible.

One fact is obvious though concerning Ella’ s oldest son James. She either DID KNOW about the cult previously or she is one of the dumbest people living on planet Earth. Considering that the cult has been involved with this case from it’ s very introduction, it should be considered that Ella OFFERED HER CHILDREN UP TO THIS MESS so that the cult could use this case use to discredit the 19 other cases that directly proceed it and distract from the fact there was a major cover up in the 80′ s concerning the SAME TYPE OF ALLEGATIONS throughout the UK.

This was the post that alerted me to this aspect…

“The children say that James does not like the sex. So what is going on? Is James in the cult or not? Can you be in the cult and not do the sex because you do not like it? He has been living with his father, who is allegedly the financier of a (Luciferian) cult, presumably laundering billions of quid earned from cult activities. Will Draper works for Mirabaud, a private Swiss bank, which would give him the means. According to Hampstead Research, he is a Royal Arch Freemason.

James has just gone to University. He is at Leicester. So he is an adult: is this young man a member of a cult or not? Has he witnessed crimes? He must know about this situation: the fact that he has not spoken out suggests that he is complicit or terrified/intimidated. Neither situation is acceptable nor legal.

James’ Facebook shows a message from Ella’s sister Valeria about his getting into Uni:

james dra[er

So Ella’s family is still talking to James. What, then, is Ella’s family’s relationship to the Drapers? Does her family accept that James’ father is, allegedly a financier to a Luciferian cult? Do they accept that James is, allegedly, either complicit or intimidated?

Such a terrible dilemma for them all. But these questions are worthy of consideration, public scrutiny, even, no matter how distasteful.”

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