More Distractions Concerning the Hampstead Case

Alan Alanson posted this article this morning to try and discredit me about there never being any SRA convictions in the UK. What I find interesting about this article is that there are NO people who are well connected in this. They are all just individuals acting on their own volition and are in no way connected to a larger group. This shows NOTHING with what is going on with the Hampstead children- and is yet just ANOTHER distraction to prevent anyone from listening to what I am saying regarding this case. But give it a read and judge for yourselves…

He and his friends have also gone all over Facebook claiming the the tattoos and markings that the children spoke about are also real. I believe this is being used to discredit this case and that they AREN’t real. The children were simply duped to believe they are so this fact could be used to dismiss this case, the 19 others that proceeded it, and the well known fact that the UK has a proven history of covering up this mess back in the 80’s when the same type of allegations came out in the first place. That is why we are seeing this desperate attempt to insist they are real today, after Alan Alanson let it out yesterday that chances are pretty good they AREN’T real.

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