The Hampstead Children Were Talking about Their Abuse BEFORE Abe Christie Came Along and Put Them on YouTube

I received an email this morning explaining to me that the Hampstead children were talking about their horrific abuse BEFORE Abe Christie came along and that those sessions were taped. This explains WHY these children have been used in this case as they have been, as they were ALREADY letting people know what was happening to them.

This case has been based on this theory that if you don’t trust Ella Gareeva ( the children’s mother) and her repeated ex felon boyfriend Abraham Christie, then you can’t believe the children. But that is silly. Ella has repeatedly said that she wasn’t aware of all of this before Abe, but how do you explain that the children were filmed speaking about their abuse BEFORE that with someone else? And according to my source, which is very reliable, neither Abe nor Ella were present in these discussions. Of course, both the “good side” and the bad side will do what they have constantly been doing and call me a liar but I believe this will backfire when people see the truth. The children were taped and those tapes are evidence that this whole argument that Abe and Ella have presented is a lie. These children were ALREADY talking. Which explains why they are being used as they are in this case. The cult doesn’t want the public to believe these children, and since they were ALREADY talking, they needed to find a way to contain all of this and prevent anyone from believing the children. So they are using the myriad of lies Abe and Ella have told to distract from and discredit the children. When you look at it, it is so easy to see the games being played in all of this and, more importantly, why these games have been so necessary.

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