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Doug Mesner Published the Same Old Alien Crap on the Examiner that I Have Complained about Before

More to come on this- but here is the article, hot off the press, and after is my reply…   There is absolutely no way to separate satanic ritual abuse from MKUltra and our governments practice of mind control techniques, which is more on target than equating it with aliens from outer space- which […]

Naming Names with Regards to the Johnny Gosch Abduction

I woke this morning to a frustrated message left for me, suggesting that Noreen Gosch, mother of abducted child Johnny Gosch, and I are in some petty ego conflict and that names need to be named to bring this pedophile child trafficking ring into the light in order to stop it, and I just wanted […]

Proof is a burden for victims of child abuse

May 25 By LAURA BAUER and JUDY L. THOMAS The Kansas City Star

This says so much I can’t even begin to say…

The Spiritual Component With Regards to My Past Concerning Mind Control

Once referred to me as “psychic warriors” by ex-Nebraska state senator John Decamp, now a days I guess the victims of MKULTRA are being called “super soldiers”, which also fits. Tortured and controlled to think outside the box in extreme conditions, it was not all about hegemonic domination but rather, the process had a “mind […]

4 Ways to Fight Sex Trafficking- by

“Some Questions are best left un-asked”- A Rant

This is what I was told today- and though the advice was given in good spirit- suggesting that I just be a good sheeple and go about my business, I felt I needed to speak about this attitude- as it is the very thing that I am fighting against the most with everything that I […]

Why Is Everyone Dying Who Was Connected to the Boston Bombing?

A suspect “goes after an agent with a knife” and gets shot- while two FBI agents involved “fall out of a helicopter”. That is quite a few deaths in a short time- all with regards to the Boston bombing. What a coincidence- really. Makes one wonder what the heck is really going on.

Sex Trafficking in the Metro- Article on KMTV

Reading this story- you can see how easy it is to trap someone into this kind of lifestyle. Now imagine the children who get abducted who are forced into this.

The Fall of the Human Empire

Strangely enough, a week ago I had a dead tree in my front yard that suddenly became covered in hundreds of honeybees. Huddled together so close that it looked as if they had formed a hive within hours, I figure that it was a hive that got displaced and that explains the hundreds or more, […]