The Spiritual Component With Regards to My Past Concerning Mind Control

Once referred to me as “psychic warriors” by ex-Nebraska state senator John Decamp, now a days I guess the victims of MKULTRA are being called “super soldiers”, which also fits. Tortured and controlled to think outside the box in extreme conditions, it was not all about hegemonic domination but rather, the process had a “mind over matter” component to it that was undeniable. Much of what I was taught had to do with energy work- the influencing and manipulation of the world around me and within. The question was could a person create the world in which they exist simply by thinking about it- and more importantly, how much did perception have to do with it. Taught I could do whatever I needed simply by believing that I could do it, much of my training was definitely focused on exploring and working with a mind over matter mentality.

Encouraged to “move aside” in my mind and let the instinctual animal emerge, I am convinced that the reason why this program of mind control has existed for so long is that it has produced some miraculous results. “As above, so below” was a mantra that was drilled into me at a young age, and I was instructed to believe that I could manipulate the world around me with a system that was primarily based on magical thinking. It is also the fundamental reason why most survivors of MKULTRA come away with Dissociative Identity disorders, such as Multiple Personality Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as these tools become necessary to survive the abuse inflicted upon us. The need to escape the shame and dehumanization of our experiences becomes overwhelming, and many simply break apart and compartmentalize the abuse as if it was happening to someone else in order to survive. This was a necessary objective in the process, as I believe that our handlers wanted to know, if divided psychologically, could we be controlled enough so that they could manipulate what they were teaching us, even convincing us to work against our own self interests. Opening that part of the brain that most people aren’t aware of through extreme trauma and ritualistic abuse, I want to take this moment to remind those who have gone through what I have that 1. The only picked the best and the brightest and most importantly- 2. They CAN’T DO THEMSELVES WHAT THEY TAUGHT US. It has been my personal experience that these two facts are fundamental to remember during the healing process, as well as the third fact to all of this- which is 3. What they taught us works. What other reason would our government have to explain why this project has been moving steadily forward secretly for so many generations.

I have taken some heat for the things that I have done in my shamanic practice, having it suggested that what I am doing is evil and that I am unaware that I am continuing my satanic training by helping those that I call “the fallen” to cross back to Heaven, but I profusely disagree with this assessment. Spending a year and a half or so in my practice deliberately seeking out the fallen in order to help them back to God, I felt it was time that they return back to the same source we all have open to us. Believing that no one is capable of “thwarting the will of God and Heaven”, I have never believed in a “lake of fire” but instead, have tried to immerse myself in the eternal love that the Universe has for us all- which extends to every spiritual being that exists. Doing God’s work testing the whole human race, they have spent a full 276,000 year cycle siphoning the “wheat from the chaff”, and we now find ourselves at the Retribution, where we are all going to judge ourselves for the evil that we have promoted throughout the world in our own individual ways. As it happened with the fallen- those who have promoted the dark are about to be claimed by the dark, and in essence are going to take the place of those they have striven to manipulate for generations. In other words, those in my past- who practiced what they did are going to be claimed by the very dark they have worshiped, where they will stay for the next 276,000 years- essentially taking the place of the very beings they sought to manipulate. Caught within the context of their own nightmares, those who are claimed will remain asleep in the dark, unaware of anything other than their own transgressions against their fellow man for the next cycle, which they will live out in their never ending nightmares.

Although it is true that Love rules the Universe, it doesn’t negate the WRATH karma can produce when we choose to go against the light, and personally I do not think we are in the Last Days but rather at the Beginning of a New Cycle- where humanity is going to be brought to the edge so we can see what we are all made out of. I also believe that there are those who literally “bound” their souls to me as a child, and I have gone out of my way to see to it spiritually that these people are contained and brought to the truth in a way that alleviates the darkness from other’s lives. I know that it sounds unconventional- but the training was I was given was anything but traditional, and I have to admit that it was very convincing. I believe in the convictions of the mind, and the energy that is generated from those beliefs, and as such- I also believe in the “spell casting” that I was taught as a child. Comfortable with the dark in a way that I probably shouldn’t be- I have been unable to separate God from my experiences, thus I have found love EVEN IN THE DARK. So I worked a dozy of a spell of my own, and prayed that all of Heaven helped me with it- and now here I am. Was it satanic I can’t say- as I did what I was taught- I just have chosen to “think outside the box” and do what I FELT WAS RIGHT. The consequences of my behavior are as they are for all of us- between me and God, and I will reap the consequences of what I have done. For the most part- I am totally fine with this.

Not sure where I am going with all of this, I would just like to reiterate that I think that we are in the Reckoning right now- today, and what we do matters in a way that it hasn’t in a long time. Call it Judgement or whatever you want, there is a definite change in the air- and I think that we have the opportunity to work miracles together, and make this world into a place worth living. Finally becoming awake on the inside, many of us are beginning to realize that there is much more to us than the consumerism that has been promoted by our elite, and are starting to appreciate the threads that connect us all as part of the human species. It is within our darkness that our light is going to shine the brightest, and we all owe it to ourselves to give this spiritual evolution a chance. In the end- I think that it is going to be our only hope.

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