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CNN, Elizabeth Loftus, False Memories, and the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad

It seems that our media is once again going to promote and run with this whole “false memory” crap that occurred in the 80’s and 90’s when people began reporting that their children were coming home with STD’s from their daycares. Suggesting that memories of abuse are often fabricated, it makes one begin to question […]

More to Me than My Past

A dear friend of mine made a group of Dreamcatchers for me, and I added them with a group of traditional Tibetan prayer flags to give me a daily reminder that God is within and all around us, and peace is only a thought away.

Are the People on Omaha’s Craigslist Rant and Raves Indicitive of the Rest of the Population?

I have taken a lot of heat from some posters in Omaha’s Craigslist Rants and Raves who feel what I am doing is nothing more than trying to drum up sales for my book, among other things.  Suggesting that I am a pedophile, crazy, and need to be on medication, I have been discredited, insulted, […]